1. xDGameStudios

    GML Arrays with (structed) arrays.. or one continued array?!

    I wanted to know what would be best performance wise: enum POINT { X = 0, Y, SIZE } p1 = [2, 4]; p2 = [3, 8]; //array of points arr = [p1, p2]; //or continuous array var i = 0; arr[i + POINT.X] = 2; arr[i + POINT.Y] = 4; i+=POINT.SIZE; arr[i + POINT.X] = 3; arr[i + POINT.Y] = 8; //...
  2. Samuel Venable

    GML Stretching the game contents down (without application_surface)

    Hey guys. With the following code, in the "Draw GUI" event, of a persistent, top-most object, created in the first room of your game, you can make your game contents stay the same resolution on your screen, regardless of whether the game is in fullscreen, and regardless of the window's size. Be...
  3. MontyDrake

    Discussion Buggy performance while running the project.

    For some days, i've been testing the beta and getting used to the new workflow. Some features are sweet, and I'm terribly missing others (please, please please, PLEASE, some folding). But one thing I can't find why is happening is that sometimes, apprently by no specific reason, when I execute...
  4. C

    Windows Game became laggy with no changes?

    So, I just purchased the pro version of Gamemaker, and reinstalled the software so I could load the license. Everything went okay, until I ran the game that I was making... It was working very laggy! But I didn´t add or change any features. I just reinstalled GM Studio to activate the license...