1. Robsferic

    Experiencing slow down in the editor after a few hours.

    Hi! I am Rob, from Hungary but I live in Spain, I am new to this forum and I am a game designer. I have been using Game Maker 1.4 since 2014 and I have bought a GM2 lifetime license last year! So since the last update of GM2 I have been experiencing an issue with the editor. As I am working on...
  2. sinigrimi

    GMS 2 sprite sizes = performance?

    Hello! The question is about the size of sprites, how big can they be done without losing a lot of performance? I tried pixelart and this is definitely not enough to realize my intentions, but I don’t feel like making a game exclusively for powerful PCs. Share your experience, please
  3. Papa Doge

    GMS 2 [Solved] Growing Forest Performance Issues

    Hello, I'm woking on a feature where trees left unchecked grow into a massive forrest. I have two working versions right now but both have performance issues once I get to around 100 trees. I need some advice on how to fix one of my versions or something new to try. /*...
  4. Nathan Wilson

    GMS 2 instance_create_layer() performance

    is or has anyone else experienced a lag in GMS2 when using instance_create_layer()? Gamemaker will noticeably pause the first time I use that function, but be fine the rest of the time. Not really sure what is going on. Any insight will be appreciated.
  5. I

    GMS 2 Functions perfomance hit

    Greetings, I would like to know if anyone knows the perfomance hit of two functions, because recently I'm using them quite often and I think they might slow down my game i bit more that I would expect The functions I'm talking about are: lengthdir_x/y() device_mouse_x/y_to_gui() Are those some...
  6. T

    Bad performance using surfaces

    Please, can anyone tell me, maybe I use surfaces the wrong way?Hey, everyone! Can anyone help me? :D I create surfaces like in code below. surface_set_target(application_surface); //Draw blood of wounds, fullscreen animation of glitches etc. surface_reset_target(); //If don't need to use...
  7. Mert

    Android Efficient ds_list searching & getting

    Hi. I have a ds_list that contains 680.000 words. I alphabetically listed them (from A > Z) I also have a list that contains the words used before. Whenever I get a word from the main list, I add this word's position to my second list so that I know that this word was used before. What I want...
  8. Sam04

    Shaders Can I reshape regular shapes?

    Hello everyone. This is more a couple of questions about if something can be done instead of a problem I have. First, I know I can draw simple shapes with the regular drawing functions and weird ones with the primitive functions. I have this situation in which I want to draw a rectangle with a...
  9. zampa

    GML Performance question

    Is it more efficient( from a memory stand point ) to make platforms move through paths or code? Thanks for the answer and happy holidays.
  10. kjagrpk908

    GMS 2 About with() statement performance

    I hope to know with() statement performance. Whitch should I use case1 or case2? (for performance up) Case1: //---------------------------------------- oOBJ.x = oOBJ.x + 1; //--------------------------------------- Case2: //--------------------------------------- with(oOBJ) { x = x +...
  11. RyanC

    Legacy GM Question about the with() statment

    Hi Guys, I often use the with(obj_something) statement and was wondering if anyone knows what kind of performance hit there is if the obj_something does not exists in the game. for example lets say obj_enemy_1 does not exist in the game yet. would these two functions have the same performance...
  12. T

    Png images as animation

    Hello everyone! I have a question. Does somebody know is png sequence as animation slower then gif animation or the same for game speed (perfomance)?
  13. FrancisClase

    GMS 2 variable_instance... VS ds_map

    Hi guys, Which is faster? Functions variable_instance... or ds_map? I did some small tests, but I'm still not sure ...
  14. Still57

    Performance issues with multiple objects [SOLVED]

    Hey everyone! I made a Minesweeper game for Android and iOS (I'll leave links down below) and noticed that my iPhone 6 was burning up after I played with it for around 10 minutes. I am using GameMaker Studio 1.4.x (the release prior to the latest one). This is how I programmed the game: I...
  15. L

    Draw event- what is more efficient?

    I've been developing a top down shooter with 3D buildings and each object had its own draw event. After reading advice on optimising performance it seems that the less draw events called, the better. So I did exactly that, created a building_drawer_obj and placed all the draw commands for all 3D...
  16. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Objects vs Tiles

    What is the difference betwean making 400 objects with unique sprites and use them as 'tiles' and making 20 tilesets with a total of 400 tiles and tile on top of objects? The question is about performence. And lets say i wuld have 600 other objects (for the argument`s sake, i wont have that...
  17. NicoFIDI

    GML [Solved] Help with Performant Minimap

    Halla everyone, today i need an advise over optimizing something that runs every frame. i'm obsessed with make a procedural generated world game, i have at least 2 world builders working and building a randomized world. now... in both cases i have the same issue. drawing a dinamic minimap it's...
  18. ras maxim

    Discussion Compiler in GameMaker Studio 2 is slower?

    Hello. I've just installed the new release of GMS 2 and now can use it with Visual Studio 2017 (thanks to the devs for this!) I have not been able to use GMS 2 with YYC until now because I couldn't install VS 2015. For some reason my project imported to GMS 2 and compiled with VS 2017 runs...
  19. Kaliam

    Discussion Drawing at a depth of 0 dramatically decreases performance?

    So I was just testing a few things on a quick test setup I have for testing the speed of scripts and I found something very strange as you can probably tell by the post title. Here are some screenshots of the performance and code for each set up along with an instances counter. The white dot are...
  20. RyanC

    Android Android 6 - Marshmallow Performance is Terrible

    Hi all. I've noticed that nearly every game I've played on all of my Marshmallow devices suffers from performance issues. This includes well known titles, not just GMS games. I'm seriously considering not supporting it at all, due to fps inconsistency. Anyone know more about this?