peer to peer

  1. ThraxxMedia

    Asset - Extension DLCEXT - Jack Of All Trades [v1.1.3] (Proximity Voice Chat, Port Forwarding, Text to Speech, and more)

    Hello there. :) Pardon the ambiguous title, for lack of a better way to aptly describe the extension I just went with this one. What you're looking at is a Windows extension (.dll) for your GameMaker 2.x projects (not tested, but should work with 2.3 just as well). Whenever I started serious...
  2. Joe_La_Bricole

    GMS 2.3+ UDP hole punching, socket properties ?

    Hello, I'm able to set a local peer to peer connection and a communication with a server. My goal now is to make a peer to peer network. Here is the protocol I apply. I have : - a server (socat) listening on UDP port_server. - two identical gamemaker clients The client : - creates a UDP...
  3. E

    GML How to allow Peer to Peer connection

    Hello, let's say you have a master server that all it does is match players with each other by sending their IP. How would you make those matched players connect to each other? Wouldn't they have to have a port opened? Is there a way to make this connection without the players needing to...
  4. E

    Android Alternative to Real Time Multiplayer

    Hello, Google Play Services Real Time multiplayer is going away on march 31, 2020. I'm looking for extensions that works with UDP and allows Peer to Peer. Firebase Realtime Database is not an option because it's not as fast since it uses Websocket. Google Cloud Openmatch is another option, but...