1. duran can

    Question - Account we don't have paypal.

    Paypal was banned in my country a long time ago. (if you want details read) Is there any other method than paypal to get payment in the market? For example, if we write iban and send it there?
  2. 2

    Question - Uploading Paypal Personal or Business Account Needed for Selling, Yoyo Take Percentage of Revenue?

    I have some questions about selling things on the Marketplace. Does it matter whether you have a business or personal PayPal account to sell on the Marketplace? What percentage does Yoyo Games take of revenue?
  3. I

    Help me with in game buy

    Hello is there any script to replace google iap,my country is not supported.I find one script but after five msg with author i dont have any contact anymore If author is here or offline but i dont get msg about paypal
  4. Tthecreator

    Discussion Is there a reason paypal has been removed?

    Hi folks (and yoyostaff), A whole while back I bought myself GameMaker Studio: 2 and some modules using paypal. Now coming back a while later looking at buying the web module I saw I couldn't pay using paypal anymore. My question is: Is there any specific reason for this? I only get the...
  5. jb skaggs

    Discussion Paypal

    I have had horror stories with Paypal- but just in the last year. I have used paypal since 2003, never had an issue with them. Doing at some times $20000 a month in transaction in my furniture business. But In 2016 that all changed. I have had paypal do the following: lock my account...