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  1. D

    Question - Account Marketplace

    receiving payment
  2. Jihl

     Alternative to IAP payment method?

    Hi there, The question is pretty straightforward. Is there an alternative to use in a mobile game so I can choose another method and receive less commission from google play? Thanks!
  3. 2

    Question - Uploading Is Company Needed to Sell Assets? -Company Address in Payment Field-

    I've got 2 questions on becoming a marketplace publisher. They have to do with the Company Address Field in the screenshot of the page below. Do you have to own a company to sell assets of the marketplace? What should I put in the Company Address field assuming I don't need a company to sell...
  4. N

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] Programmer(Taken)

    Hi! I need a programmer to make a payment sdk from scratch that does the following 1. Collects payment from a user to pay the game 2. Pays the user when the user has won a certain amount in the game 3. User can access his account across all platforms. 4. Sdk is for Gamemaker studio 1.4 Pay is...
  5. Tthecreator

    Discussion Is there a reason paypal has been removed?

    Hi folks (and yoyostaff), A whole while back I bought myself GameMaker Studio: 2 and some modules using paypal. Now coming back a while later looking at buying the web module I saw I couldn't pay using paypal anymore. My question is: Is there any specific reason for this? I only get the...
  6. csanyk

    Question - Account Getting paid

    I went over $100 lifetime author's share (net revenue) a couple days ago, on 4/3. So the last day of this month is 4/30/17, and 60 days after that is 6/30, so I should expect to see payment into my paypal account no later than then, correct? But then I noticed that last bit: My lifetime...
  7. zbox

    Asset - Extension Card Scanner

    Android Card Scanner Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5176/card-scanner-cardio Category: Extensions Price: $14.99 $9.99 Modules: Android Description: An easy way to scan user's Credit/Debit cards for purchases! Also provides a text input fallback for the users that do not...