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    Legacy GM Need help disabling certain code in certain room

    hey yall, I have a pause menu in my player stats object but I do not want to be able to pause the game in four rooms throughout the whole game. I have tried fixing this bug but it seems to do nothing. code is down below in the step event any help helps. thanks! PS i do not want the pause event...
  2. T

    Problems with pausing while moving

    Hello everyone, i need some help with coding a pause system while object_player is moving. Pausing works when moving most directions but for some reason, it doesn't pause when object_player is moving up-left (holding key_left and key_up and then pressing escape). I checked all the code but i...
  3. J

    Question - IDE Compile Time Slower Than It Could Be?

    When I compile a game on the Mac Ide, It pauses a few times while compiling, even though it shows that it finished. Once at, Compile Rooms...finished. And another time at, Global scripts...finished. And at, Writing Chunk... STRG This adds at least 5 seconds to the compile time, even on...
  4. S

    GMS 2 [Help] Pause screen

    Hello. I'm completely new to GM and programming, so I mostly don't know what I am doing. I want to make a pause screen that stops all the sprites and adds a dark overlay. So far I am using instance_deactivate_all(). I tried to implement something with surfaces but it didnt work. I dont know how...
  5. L

    Legacy GM Problem with pause screen menu

    This is my first ever thread in this forum, I hope I don't screw this up. So my pause screen does work properly and all, but I have a problem with the menu buttons displaying (Example http://gph.is/2tfI3Ad ). So as you can see in the example, there are slightly bigger buttons displaying, and I...
  6. M

    Some pause screen errors

    Hi there I am making a pause screen for my game and I stumbled across a problem. When I pause the game only a quarter of the screen is visible. I mean that objects are only visible on a quarter of the screen. I am using a disabled command to stop all objects from moving so they don't desync or...
  7. Anti-Icarus

    Legacy GM A Modern Substitute for Sleep Function

    In the older versions of GameMaker (the Legacy versions up to 8.1), there was an action in the main2 tab of the object editor called the Sleep action which would have an object pause a game for a set amount of time based on milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). Since Sleep is now among...
  8. S

    Windows Pausing Timelines

    I am trying to create a simple tower defence game using timelines to control the waves. I would like to stop the timeline at the end of each round and on user input, resume. I have tried multiple ways to do this but I can't get anything to work. So far I have tried creating an object that sets...