1. L

    Text disappears when Pausing

    Hey guys, when I pause the game while the text is still progressing, everything works fine. But when I pause it after the text has finished typing out, it disappears. This happens even when I start the room with textprogress at a really high value and it happens when the text would have finished...
  2. Plubu

    SOLVED Darken an application surface (Pause Menu)?

    Hello everyone, I want to make the pause menu to make the surface behind the pause menu darkened, like most any games you play when you pause them. This is the Pause_Object: //Step if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_escape) { global.ScreenshotSprite =...
  3. zendraw

    GMS 2 Pause game when window out of focus

    my game still runs when window is not on focus, how do i make it so it is paused? like how when you drag the window the game freezes. id like it to freeze when we are out of the window.
  4. RizbIT

    GMS 2 if os_is_paused()

    if you put if os_is_paused() { } In a step event of a persistent object on iOs or Android will that checking every step actually slow the performance down?
  5. M

    weird alpha during pause?

    Hey, so I implemented pause in my game with following codes: obj_pause: Create paused = false; scrn = -1; Alarm 0 scrn = sprite_create_from_surface(application_surface,0,0,surface_get_width(application_surface),surface_get_height(application_surface),0,1,0,0); instance_deactivate_all(true)...
  6. Momfus

    GMS 2 Strange behavior with deactivated objects on pause

    I have a problem that i'm not understand very well...I have two layers: control and hud layer All hud elements and the object that control all the gui elements are childs of parent_guiElement When i pause the game, i deactivate all object excepto the control layer, then when i resume all...
  7. M

    Pausing the game doesn't draw the paused game background

    I'm using the following code to pause the game, it works fine and all, but the one quirk i cant seem to fix is that the while pausing the game takes a screenshot of the screen, it doesnt draw that screenshot to the screen while paused (i want the paused game's background to show behind the...
  8. CrackedGamer§

    GMS 2 What is the best way to pause a game?

    I am making a platformer, what I do is just place a solid object on top of the player to stop them moving and the same for every enemy. And then I use a draw event in my controller object to draw a seethrough rectangle with the different options. What would be the best way to save the game...
  9. P

    GMS 2 How do I pause a tileset's animation?

    I can't believe there isn't just a way of doing this. I mean, what is everybody else doing when they reach this problem? How many games are there that have been made in GMS2 where there are animated tilesets and the game can be paused and still show the game frozen in the background? How are...
  10. D

    GMS 2 Pause and animations

    How to stop sprite animations when in pause? Just animations, and then continue them
  11. O

    Windows How do you pause/wait in a script?

    Want to move an object to a certain coordinates, wait for say 100ms then move to another coordinates, wait again for 100ms, but it seems building a pause function is not so simple and I would prefer not to use alarms if possible please?
  12. V

    Xbox One version of window_has_focus()?

    I'm creating a game on the Xbox One using UWP. I'm trying to get the correct behavior when the player presses the Home button - when the overlay comes up, gameplay should pause. But I can't detect when the overlay comes up. I can't detect if the player presses the Home button because that's...
  13. Fixer90

    GMS 2 Delay in Event Code?

    Is there a way, other than using Alarms, to make a delay in an event? For example, if I had my own "scr_wait" function to do this, I could use it in the Create event of an object like so: variable = 1; scr_wait(2); variable = 2; scr_wait(4); variable = 3; What this would do is make it such that...
  14. Edwin

    Legacy GM How to pause all audio sounds if game freezes?

    Hello, GameMakers. If you hold the window of the game, it will freeze, but somewhy the sound won't. There is an extension that creates its own window instead of default but it's not an option. Is there any extension or other way to pause the sounds if the game freeze? That would be very...
  15. Retron84

    GML using instance_id[i] inside variable_instance_exists

    I'm trying to loop through my game and pause anything that can be paused without setting a pause variable for every object (since many won't need it). However, obj_system which handles the pause function, among others, keeps throwing an error saying paused has not been defined. What am I...
  16. S


    Hello, I'm my past free time I have been making a game using Gamemaker Studio 1 and I would like to add an pause function. Because of the fact that I have a lot of different objects which are all inherently different I have searched for an easy solution where I do not have to add a lot of code...
  17. N

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Alpha problem with surface for a pause system

    Hello, hello, I had a pause system with the screenshot stuff drawing on the screen but it seems the surface system can have a better result for my game. Right now, I managed to create a new surface where I copy/paste the application surface on it when I pause the game but there is a problem...
  18. Edwin

    GML keyboard_check_pressed(vk_windows)

    Hello, people. How I can check if player pressed Windows key? I want to pause game if player pressed it, but there is no such vk_ constant in manual. By the way, my GM:S version is 1.4.9999.
  19. Krenzathal77

    Pause button press carry over un-pauses game

    Hey folks. Quite a common issue I'd wager, and I did a quick search but I'm not sure I understood the solutions in context to my issue. My problem is that I have a pretty simple but effective pause script which works perfectly, but not with the same button. I currently have it set up so that...
  20. JeanSwamp

    GMS 2 GUI Sprite Based Menus

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to make a Pause Menu, heavy sprite based. This is an example of what I'm looking for: I suppose it needs to be Drawn to GUI since this would be a pause menu and I want to switch between menus in a similar...