1. A

    A passive skill tree

    Hello guys, My top-down RPG is going pretty well, I want to make a passive tree similar to Path of Exile, - with levelup you gain passive points allowing you to spend in the tree (which is a room menu) - BUT you have to start from the center and choose points connected to each other ! ie. make...
  2. T

    GMS 2 Assign several instances of an object to different paths

    Hej everyone. As the title already states, i would like to assign several instances of an object to different paths i set. Lets say i have an "enemy" object which has a specific behaviour: It follows a defined patrol path. If the player comes near the enemy, the enemy starts chasing the player...
  3. A

    Windows Can't build project.Can't find part of the path Z:\...

    Greetings, I just reinstalled Game Maker Stduio 2 and I got this error:Could not find a part of the path:Z:\GMS2\.... If anyone knows a way to fix this,the help would be very much appreciated.
  4. B

    Path_add always reversing

    I've been having some problems with the path_add() function, i'm getting very irritated because every time the path is finished, it reverses back to the first point, how do i stop it from doing so? k = path_add(); path_add_point(k,x,y,100); path_add_point(k,0,0,100)...
  5. jana

    [SOLVED] Change sub-image in path

    You can change the sub-image of an object that's on a path, can't you? My code doesn't seem to be working. I want to change the sub-image based on which direction the object is moving in the path --- up, down, left, right. This is in the create event: image_index = 1; image_speed = 0; This is...
  6. M

    Legacy GM Find the closest object to the end of a path.

    I am makeing a tower defense and I want to target the object closest to the end but i can't figure out how to do it, please help.
  7. reallifeed

    GMS 2 Paths and Path Following Using Drag and Drop

    GM Version: GMS 2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: Object path and path following using drag and drop methods. Tutorial:
  8. L

    Tower Defense End of Path Problem

    I'm making a tower defense game. But I have a problem. When my enemy get to the end of the path I want to know how to switch the room to a death or title screen. I tried doing if(o_enemy end_path(room_goto_previous)) but it gave me errors. If someone could reply to this with the code for game...
  9. Hudsonius

    Paths not turning?

    I'm new to paths, b/c I just started on level design and story of my game (before I was working on mechanics) and I have a non-curving path that goes straight right, then straight up. However, my layer decides to go right forever, and not stop to go up. I tried setting a friction and changing...
  10. S

    Change path of an object at a point

    An object is moving on a path0. There is another path 'path1' close to path0 at x=a; y=b. How to change the path of the object from path0 to path1 at (a,b) ?
  11. S

    Change path of an object at a point

    An object is moving on a path0. There is another path 'path1' close to path0 at x=a; y=b. How to change the path of the object from path0 to path1 at (a,b) ?
  12. Sawyer

    Path stop after his first movement

    Hello everyone, I have one problem with my paths, this is my code : if distance_to_object (o_player) <=100 { path_start(P_up_when_near, 12, path_action_stop, false); } Actually when i'm near to this object it moves and stop following the path. However if i move a second time near of this...
  13. E

    GMS 2 path_position via xy-coordinates

    Hello, I am currently making a game, where you can drag a circle object away from a rectangular closed path. The path is defined through the collision mask of an object, which is an invisible, non filled, 1 pixel wide, rectangle. Now if you place the circle object directly back on the path...
  14. Y

    Legacy GM object not following path(CLOSED)

    so I have 2 objects that move along a path then do something and should follow another path afterwards. however for some reason they never follow the next path code: if(colided != 1){ colided = 1 other.Accept_Input = 0 global.Mission[1] = 1 global.MissionQuest[1] = 1 Obj_Repoth1.sprite_index =...
  15. Y

    Legacy GM make enemy stop in front of player

    so I have enemy AI that use the mp_grid function to find a path towards the enemy player. but I need them to stop a few pixels in front of the enemy instead of them trying to go inside him. here is some code but I don't think it's very usefull ///path RepothPosx = (Obj_Repoth1.x div 20) * 20 +...
  16. N

    Changing Zoom in the Path Editor?

    Is this even possible? Path editor opens up to this suuuper tiny portion of my level... it'd take FOREVER to make a path in there, scrolling all over the place.
  17. B

    GML How can I make a grenade throw path more natural?

    Been messing around making a platformer were I can shoot bullets when I press left mb and throw a grenade with right mb. But in order to make my grenade throw have some sort of arc rather than a straight bullet, I made two paths using the path editor. One for when I'm aiming to the right and the...
  18. N

    Drag And Drop Path Problem

    This is my problem : I just want the ghost follow the path --> reverse and restart again (not blinking like this), but I don't find a way to do this. This is my project : I hope you can help me ;)
  19. Y

    Legacy GM enemies spawn at the wrong place

    ///player collision if(place_meeting(x, y, Obj_Repoth1) && Is_Active = true){ Is_Active = false view_object[0] = -1 global.In_Battle = true while (instance_number (Obj_Mognorian1) <= Spawner) { randomize() randx = irandom_range(view_xview[0], view_xview[0] +...
  20. F

    Path not working

    I'm new to gamemaker and trying to make a shoot'em up game where enemy planes have a ramdomized path(out of 4 ones) each time but in this code, planes stay still. it works fine with just the path_start code. randomize(); var path=random_range(0,4) switch path { case...