1. Dr_Nomz

    Legacy GM Is it possible to save a path mid-way through? (Data Structure method)

    If I use a data structure (ds_map/list/grid) to save data, and an NPC is in the middle of a path, is it possible to save the position of the path the NPC is on, and then load it in WITH the NPC resuming it's path? I'm using path_position and path_start btw.
  2. F

    GML Branching Paths

    So I am working on a racing game that uses a path to spawn the race track it works great except I want to have the track have multiple ways to the finish line so does anyone know a good way to do this?
  3. Axl Trauts

    [Solved] Paths: floating objects orbiting around another object

    Hi I have been trying to do this: Have a boss generate a circle of orbiting meteors from its center, going up to its perimeter then the circle start moving. I have a boss3 object. It generates 12 instances of the small_meteor object that orbit around boss3. These small_meteor should appear at...
  4. Richard Horne

    Jump to a position along a path

    Can anyone think of a way to jump to a position - perferably a percentage - along a path at any given moment? I'm making a game where the player follows a long path, but if something causes the game to stutter momentarily, i.e. a background resource, then everything goes out of sync. I'm...
  5. SuperRonanCraft

    GMS 2 Path prediction for projectiles

    I've been trying to find a way to get the angle that a supposed turret will need to aim at taking into consideration projectile speed, distance and the current position an enemy is in to where they WILL be when a projectile could hit its mark This is what i have at the moment, this only aims...
  6. M

    GMS 2 Path finding to go as close as possible to object

    Context: I'm working on a state-machine AI in a game where the perspective is top-down. I'm using GameMaker's built in path finding for my AI to walk to any given location. I want the AI to walk to a tree, it won't because the tree is a collision object and it technically intercepts the path...
  7. N

    Drag And Drop Making connected paths for a maze?

    Hey there! I'm a total rookie and I have no idea how to make it that my character can only walk within the light pathways (see attached file). Please tell me how to achieve this in DnD!
  8. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Possible bug in mp_linear_path_object()

    My top-down game uses procedurally generated levels, and I use the function mp_linear_path_object() after the map is completed to make sure there is a clear path to the exit. In theory, this function should return true if a path is found and false if it isn't. My problem is that in rare...
  9. P

    GMS 2 Stop object at end of path, then reverse motion

    I have an object on a path, that starts at 0 speed, and increases to 10 speed when the player interacts with it. Once it reaches the end of the path, I want it to stop for a few seconds, then go backwards until it's back at the start of the path. But nothing I try seems to work. I've tried...
  10. Edwin

    Legacy GM [Superbly Solved] How to change position during a path?

    So, question of the day. I have moon object and earth object. Moon object starting a looped path and have absolute = false that make relative path to its current position in Create Event. I need to change moon object's XY to earth object's XY, but when I change it's position, it don't doing...
  11. M

    Path condition

    How to write the condition when the sprite Collision with x and y of path change to mirror ?
  12. shostifrosty

    Legacy GM Object movement with paths

    Hello everyone! I've been struggling for several days with the objects movement through paths, and it would be awesome if someone could help me out a little with an issue I have. What I want to do is to have pedestrians moving around in paths I specifically designed for them. So far, I could...
  13. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM Drawing multiple textures along a single path

    Greetings, Is it possible to draw multiple textures along a single path? The most excellent "Ribbon Project" shows how to draw a single texture along a path and even alternate between this single texture--however, I would like to able to draw a mix of textures in a random pattern, say, like...
  14. L

    Legacy GM I need some help with player controlled object in a path

    Hi guys! I need some help with my game, hope someone can help me out. I try to make a player-guided platform, which can move along a pre-determined path indefinetly. I think maybe it works with paths, but I can’t figure it out, how. My goals are: the player have two inputs (like GO LEFT/GO...
  15. A

    Make an object move x amount of pixels but before detect for solid object

    I would like to make my own pathing algorithm as I find the current options pretty limited because as far as I know there is no option to A) stop moving as soon as you hit solid object B) no option to only move a number of iterations between the path before stopping. Example lets say your...
  16. A

    3D 3D extruded path

    Is there a way to take a 2D outline and extrude it from the Z axis to make it have height? Say I make a 2D Path. Now can I take that path (or maybe just its points) and create a "3D wall?" This wall would have width and height. The goal of this is to create a 3D border with a unique shape. What...
  17. mar_cuz

    GMS 2 Follow Y value of path only

    Hi All, Is it possible to have an object follow the Y axis of a path only while following the x axis of another? say I have a half circle and the path follows the curve of the circle. I want the object to move along the x axis of the straight line but its Y axis to follow the curve of the...
  18. A

    Pathed objects will go through dense objects

    pathtwo = path_add(); mp_potential_path(pathtwo, xxx, yyy, 1, 32, 1); myPath=pathtwo; path_start(myPath, 16, path_action_stop, 0); Here is my code. I am trying to make it so that this object won't collide with objects including same objects. If this is right maybe I didn't set up physics...
  19. S

    object start path when in view (solved) but new issue with object leaving view

    How do you make an object start a path once it is in view? I've got a boss that I want to follow a path once the player reaches it but it's not working right. I've got the path code in "intersect view 0 boundary" but it's not following the path when the player gets there but since the start...
  20. A

    Orient object's rotation to path

    Is there a way to make an object rotate as it goes along the path's curvature? For instance, if a path curves up, then the object will curve up as it hits that part of the path. Also, my objects have 0 speed, so can this be done without using the direction from speed relationship? Edit: by...