1. wilmer

    Legacy GM Undo and redo the points of a path

    Greetings to all I have this doubt, in a Room I have several instances of objects that function as levels that when clicking click access to a different level and under those objects I have an open path with 46 points as if it were a path, as well as "Candy Crush", This is only for something...
  2. Y

    GML using place_meeting() in combination with a path to call its index

    Hello community, I am looking to program the following: - When object instance "A" crosses the position of a path in the room, recognize it and give me its index. The idea I have is to put objects (platforms) on top of a Path that I created within the room editor so it will recognize said...
  3. M

    Difficulties creating a ghost dash

    Basically I am trying to replicate a ghost dash from another tutorial. The difference is that in the other tutorial he was actually teleporting the object to mouse_x and mouse_y and therefore it's easy to call for the x and y positions of the mouse when creating the path for the dash. In my case...
  4. Genesys Generation

    Cars bouncing/jumping by completing each lap

    When I use the function path_start like this: path_start(circuit,velocity,path_action_continue,true); When completing each lap the cars kind of jump (I don't know if it's the right term in English), see the image below (I couldn't upload straight here, because the image is a gif)...
  5. shrunkenmaster

    [SOLVED] Help with ds_list to select random path without duplication

    I'm trying to work out how to place one enemy on each of the paths I have. I used a switch to select a path which works fine, but I can't figure out the ds_list to select 4 random, but different, numbers. Eventually I'll have more paths than instances. Very new to this, so any guidance would...
  6. shrunkenmaster

    Object and path not in correct x y coordinates

    Hello All, New to GMS2 and am having a problem with an object and its path, so I'm displaying the player xy position and the enemy xy position on the screen to help figure this out: Enemy is following a vertical path and displays x as 120 ,but if I move the player to the same horizontal...
  7. T

    GMS 2 Issues with paths

    Very new to GMS as a whole, just completed the DnD breakout tutorial. Decided I'd stick with that game a little longer to practice some stuff, and worked on adding new powerups. The one I'm currently working on is supposed to make the bat move slightly upwards in a smooth motion, then return...
  8. LWDIV

    [SOLVED] Path Tool (GMS2)

    I need help by solving the error: ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Key Press Event for <Space> Key for object object0: Unable to find any instance for object...
  9. T

    GML How to share the path function to multiple objects ?

    I want to make a path function in a parent object so the child object could use it to.I've tried many things but it seems the path function could only apply to one object at a time. Luckily i've stumbled upon this tutorial: If you don't have the patient i'll expain: Basically the guy told...
  10. T

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Problem with path_position, while, and x/y coordinates

    Hey guys! I stumbled upon a rather strange behavior of GMS2 regarding paths, path_position and x/y coordinates. Following scenario: I have an "obj_player" that can move 2D platformer style. A second object, called "obj_pathpos" (for path position) is assigned to path "pat_test". pat_test goes...
  11. P

    GMS 2 Drag an object along a branching path

    (I'm new to these forums, and to GMS2 in general, so if there is anything wrong with this post let me know!) I've been trying to make a little minigame where you have to shift gears when prompted (like in a car). I want to be able to click and drag the handle along the paths towards the...
  12. T

    Need help stopping an NPC at the middle of a path

    So i've been following this tutorial on NPC paths : and successfully made the base obj as in the video. Here's the code(path related only): obj_NPCBase: <CREATE EVENT> //Path Target = instance_create(x,y,obj_target); Path = -1; <STEP EVENT> if(Path != -1){ dir =...
  13. C

    GML when I choose another instance this one takes the value of the previous one

    Hello, (sorry for my bad English, I'm Belgian) I select an instance, it follows a path, at the end of it I modify a variable of this instance. The problem is that if I select another instance of the object while the first continues its path, when the path is finished, the variable of the second...
  14. S

    GMS 2 SOLVED : Path timing

    Hi, wanted to just ask if there is a way to time a path, like after 10 secs of being in room the path stars.
  15. S

    SOLVED : Path in certain room

    Hi , I wanted to make a objPlayer in one room to be doing a path, as in a cutscene but when I add : path_start(path11, 1 ,path_action_stop, true) , the path is in every room. Is there a way it can be done in a certain room and destroyed after it is performed?
  16. C

    GMS 2 Trying to make an object walk a path frowards and backwards indefinetly

    I am trying to make enemies walk a certain path forwards and backwards indefinetly when they are in patrol mode. I have tried setting the endaction to path_action_reverse but this only makes the enemy follow the path to the end, follow the path backwards, then follow half of the path forward...
  17. Richard Horne

    Drawing a repeated primitive along a path

    Hi guys, So I have a simple path roughly in the shape of a circle and I want to repeat a texture around the entire length of the path. I'm using primitives because ultimately the path I'm going to apply this to is massive and this is the most efficient way so far to achieve this. Using a...
  18. A

    GML Instance exists in the line between 2 points

    Hello, So a projectile is created from the player and moves to the nearest enemy When a bullet meets a wall, it is destroyed I'd like to automatically target the nearest_enemy that the bullet can reach without being destroyed by a wall nearest_enemy = instance_nearest(x,y,oEnemy); // TODO ...
  19. C

    Object won't follow path!!! D:

    objMenu CREATE global.begin_path = 0; menu[2] = "New Game"; menu[1] = "Continue"; menu[0] = "Exit Game"; menu_cursor = 2; STEP case 2: SlideTransition(TRANS_MODE.NEXT); global.begin_path = +1 Case 2 brings me to the next room where: objHubPlayer STEP if global.begin_path = 1 {...
  20. Architheutis

    Path-Chaos: One character, different pathes/room - goes wrong!

    Hi guys. I´ve remarked it at different sites of my game: Some of my created enemies (manually droped down to patrolling-pathes, each one has its own path) seem to reappear in another rooms. I used one sprite (object) for several needs (different pathes in different rooms). For example I gave a...