1. ZacKow264

    GMS 2.3+ Real fps drops greatly when creating new path

    I have a monster that follows you, using mp_potential_path_object to get to you without walking through walls. As the player can move, the monster deletes the previous path and creates a new one every 3 seconds (room_speed * 3). According to the debugger, this causes a drop in real fps whenever...
  2. blexc

    GMS 2.3+ Accessing Path Based-off Path Layer's Name

    Hi, I have a path layer called "CameraPath". For each level of my game, there is a unique path that the camera will take to introduce the level. Here's a screenshot demonstrating this: Given that the paths are different for each level but the path layer's name is the same, it would be really...
  3. Tyg

    Shaders Neon Dreamz (path shader)

    UPDATED v1.12 Hello this is really cool A shader that uses paths, i don't know i just thought it would work and voila (the poor paths always get ignored) well this is another use for them why is this cool, Umm first its Neon and its made to work with gamemaker paths, so you can draw and edit...
  4. D

    SOLVED Pathfinding without grids

    Hello! I've been searching a lot for pathfinding logics, also i took a look at some A* codes, but all of the ones i found uses grids for pathfinding, but in my game i don't use grids for movement, i want something more precise for my game instead of using grids (or end up using really small...
  5. Nathan

    Can the start position on a path be randomized?

    I have a movement path for an enemy, but using the path makes the enemy predictable as to where it will go since it's a simple sine wave pattern. I'd like to randomize that start position along the path so each enemy at least starts at a different point of the path. Is this possible? Or do I...
  6. R

    Path follow with timeline

    Hello ! I am actually creating a shooter but i am a bit stuck... The thing is that I have created many different paths, all for different ennemy paterns. After that i am creating a timeline to time when the ennemies are spawning. But i would like to set to each ennemy that is spawning thanks to...
  7. Andrey

    Asset - Scripts Path to fixture (chain_shape) converter

    If you are using the Box2D physics engine, this script can be useful for visualizing the chain. A simple script for converting a path to chain_shape. You draw a path in the room and then convert it to a chain_shape with the desired fixture settings. 1. Create a path. 2. Set the desired fixture...
  8. zendraw

    GMS 2 move a point along path

    so i want to move a point in a path, in a loop somthing like this var i=0; repeat (path_length) { path_position++; } but how to do it? you cant set a point manually on a path. path_position is read-only.
  9. E

    Motion Planning : mp_grid-

    Okay, I have this game where I need the "enemy" to move toward a target, then if there are no targets , move toward the player. I tried mp_potential_step, but they get weird around walls and sometimes won't find the opening. So I moved to trying mp_grid. In the page with mp_grid_path, it shows...
  10. zendraw

    GMS 2 Position in path relative to mouse position

    how can you make a position in a path to be approximately around the mouse cursor? basicly we have a line which is the path, then we press the mouse somewhere near the path and i want to place the position in the path at a point in the path that is nearest to the mouse cursor.
  11. sercan

    Android Android SDK path cannot be found

    Suddenly Game Maker stopped finding the SDK folder in the determined directory. I am pretty sure the path is set correctly. I have changed nothing but it started to do this. I changed the location of SDK folder but still didn't work. I hope anyone faced this issue and has a solution.
  12. JEMcG

    GML Is it possible to pull information from a path then move it towards each point manually?

    Hello! So I have been wrestling for some time with pathing. I'm trying to make a game where the player can choose whether to use keyboard or controller movement (which works just fine) or mouse movement. For mouse movement so far I am using an mp_grid and mp_grid_path to do the movement. This...
  13. S

    SOLVED place_meeting collision detection flip-flopping between true and false, with the same value

    I'm working on a little top-down RPG kinda game. And am making a path-finding system for npc's. Cutting the fluff, i'm having trouble with some collision detection. I was debugging for several hours until i narrowed my problem down to this. What you're looking at here. Is a path generated with...
  14. JEMcG

    SOLVED Problem with changing/deleting paths

    Hi, I've been making a click to move system (that works alongside keyboard movement), which works other than one irritating bug. When I click a path is made and I use mp_grid_path to move the character. I've linked this to the animation system. When the character reaches their destination...
  15. Fluury

    GML Having an instance follow a path starting from a specific point in said path.

    Heya! I've got an issue I need to deal with, but sadly can't put my finger on on how to tackle it. I have a path made up of several points. For each of these points, I sometimes spawn an instance on the exact x/y of said point. This works fine. When the player enters the range of the...
  16. Aardvark

    GMS 2 Control a player object along a path

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if there is a way, for a player object, to move along a path? But not to follow the path automatically. For example, I would like for the player to move the object along a prescribed circular path with the analog stick of a game pad : I tried to define a path...
  17. Genesys Generation

    How to predict the lap time?

    I have a racing game. In this game the cars run on a circuit and at the end of this circuit the lap time is calculated. The lap time and estimated lap time are calculated as follows: lapTime=timer+distance/velocity; lapEst=(10/velocity)*84; The distance being calculated in this way...
  18. R

    Path and image angle and direction? How do I combine them?

    So I have a path set... and I have my object on the path... and I have the sprite set to go along with it... How do I make the image rotate to follow the path it is going on? It seems like there is just something easy I am missing but for the life of me I haven't been able to find the correct...
  19. hughrock18

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] How to truely STOP a path

    Hello everyone. I appreciate you coming in to check on this thread. I've been working with GMS1.4 for the longest time, and now GMS2 (for a total of roughly 5 years of working with gamemaker as a whole). In all this time, I've ALWAYS written my own movement code. I've never, once, used the path...
  20. A

    [Solved] Issues with Paths, Direction, and Animation

    For context, I'm working on a top-down, tactics-style game. While the player is in battle, they pull up a menu, and to move, the player selects "Move" from the menu. From there, a grid selector is created, and each time the selector moves, it adds a new point to a created path. When the player...