1. F

    HTML5 simple game breaks when adding simple particles

    I made a simple game, based on the space-shooter-tutorial. It works flawlessly up until the point that I add some simple star-particles to my bullets. It still works untill the n-th round, then something goes wrong with the collisiondetection. Is it a bug? Should I do it differently? I've tried...
  2. Misu

    Particle effect not working

    Im using GMS2 and I cant get my particle effects to work (they dont show up). Can anyone tell what might be the problem with my coding? CREATE EVENT: ss = surface_create(1280,960) stream = part_system_create() part_system_depth(stream,1000) p_type = part_type_create()...
  3. L

    infint particles!!

    Hi there! For my second Game i'm testing out the particle system and my question is how i can let my particles stay till the player has completet the Level. I know i could create a loop but i think there has to be a better way to solve this. Thanks for your Help! Lino
  4. 6

    Adding effects on a circle

    Hello Everyone! I'm making a game where you can use a bomb, which radius grows really fast and destroy everything in it's way. I've managed to do this, it's working really nice with collosion_circle, but for the display all i have is a draw_circle which is not so nice. Can you please tell me how...
  5. T

    Discussion SOLVED:Particle Orientation

    Has anyone had issues with particle orientation/rotation? I just purchased the desktop version today and imported my project from gms1.x and the game is running with many compatability scripts. However I'm stuck trying to figure out why the particles are behaving differently, rotation and/or...
  6. L

    Particles have weird, checkered texture on them

    So I was trying to follow this Basic Particle System Tutorial - But everything I get is this: (Looks like the particles are missing a texture, which is weird) Has anyone seen that before ?
  7. H

    Particle Effects in an Infinite Runner

    I'm having a problem getting my entire particle system to move across my screen. The particle effect itself is a one time explosion that sends pieces flying off in every direction. The problem is that I want that whole effect to also move left across the screen with the level. Please keep in...
  8. Roderick

    [Solved]Is it possible to pause particles?

    I'd like to be able to tell the particle system to stop (no new particles, no changes to existing particles) until I tell it to start again. Is this possible?
  9. P

    Legacy GM Using a point on a sprite that is moving and rotating?

    I have a spaceship sprite with two engines and I want to emit particles from both of them however I cannot make the particles emit from the correct spot because once I move my spaceship they fly off in the wrong direction and end up in a weird place. I know the coordinates of the two points I...
  10. D

    [ RESOLVED ] Using Particle Emitter with length_dir ??

    Does anyone know how to get the x,y, of a particle burst to follow the tip of a gun. I've used this in multiple scenarios with instances, but this is the first time with particles. I've posted what I think is the relevant code below. The x,y length_dir code I'm using shoots the flame from the...
  11. NeutralD

    Asset - Project Geon FX — Particle Editor

    Itch: Marketplace: Demo for Windows: Demo for macOS: Discord...
  12. S

    Legacy GM 3D-ish platformer | Particle Effects hardly show when sliding down an object?

    Been developing a "2D platformer with a 3D look" using GML script (I'm starting to get the hang of it now :D) and I've followed some YouTube tutorials to get wall-jumps working in my game. But I wanted to try and add some sort of spark when the player is sliding down a wall, ready to jump...
  13. L

    Legacy GM [Help] 'Breaks' in particle chain

    Hey GMC, I've been having an issue creating my particle system. At slow speeds it is fine but as I start to speed up there appear to be 'breaks' in the particle chain. You can see a YouTube video of the issue here: and the Code here: Create Event: ///Engine Particle Intialisation var...
  14. PieBaron

    physics particle group collision event

    Hello, I've made a physics particle group which works great, and its colliding with the rest of the physics objects in my room. I would like to make it so when one of my "projectile" physics objects collide with the particle group, the projectile is destroyed. I tried assigning a name to the...
  15. PieBaron

    Physics Particle life/age

    Is it possible to destroy a physics particle based on its age? Is it possible to make certain objects ignore collisions with physics particles?
  16. O

    Legacy GM Emitter trailing behind

    I'm using an emitter to create a stream of jetwash behind my ship. It works perfectly, except that the start of the emission trails about a cm behind the ship. I'm playing around with moving the emission region to line it up better, but I'm not happy with the result. I've tired lengthdir, which...
  17. Chris Smith

    Attaching a Particle Emitter to a Moving Object - Advice Needed

    Greetings game makers! At the moment I am working on an intro cut scene for a game I'm working on and it involved a rocket flying in many directions across the screen. I created a fire for the rear of the rocket, by using a particle emitter. Both the rocket and the fire, here, will only be used...