particle system

  1. L

    HTML5 Particle systems not working in HTML5

    Hi, My game functions fine when running on desktop, but when I build in HTML5 "part_system_create_layer" and other related functions return undefined. I have a global variable that is assigned like so: global.P_System = part_system_create_layer(layer, true); (copied straight from the gms2...
  2. Z

    Particle systems and memory leaks

    Hi everyone. I'm currently making a weather system, with the current states: "sunny" "cloudy" "rain" "storm" "snow" "snowstorm" I can get it to work and it looks beautifull, but whenever I leave the game on too long, or stay in a room for too long, the game experiences more and more lag to the...
  3. J

    GMS 2 Particles issue [SOLVED]

    So, I am pretty new with Game Maker, and I have been struggling with particle system recently. I did some bunch of code, and it seems to be working, but, for some reason, there are some issues with particles - first, they are not drawn on any light colors and second, they are being overlapped by...
  4. N

    GMS 2 [Solved]Large Particle Systems - Most Efficient / Best Practices

    Large particle systems can use a lot of system resources, and easily course memory leaks. I'm trying to build a rain particle system, trying to build something efficient. My idea is to use part_emitter_region to update the position of the instance creating the rain, with coordinates based on...
  5. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Demo VFX- Particle Demo

    Links VFX Particle Demo -Learn how to use the native Gamemaker Studio particle systems using this demo -Everything is simplified and concisely written...
  6. RanDumSocks

    Question about particle systems and future lightweight objects

    So I was just thinking about how much I do not like the built-in particle system, mainly because it is a black-box and want to know what is going on inside. Secondly, is the functionality. The rule-set is very limited on how they can move and with no interaction. I thought, with the new...
  7. NeZvers

    GML Particle system with image_index

    How can I make particle system to replicate character movements when there's no place for image_index in part_type_sprite()? Braking down all my sprite sub-images into individual sprites sounds super idiotic. Every other function that deals with sprites has an argument for image_index except...
  8. Vredniuka

    [SOLVED] Particles, can't have more than one?

    Hi guys. I'm having a strange issue, probably result of me not having much experience with particle systems. According to the help, I should be able to have as many particle emitters or systems as I'd like. But I can't seem to get more than one working. For a quick test file, I created 3...
  9. jana

    [SOLVED] Particle system needed every step

    I'm having serious crashing issues with my game, when I press the escape key or the quit button: // destroy particle systems and do other cleanup game_end(); and when I click my game restart button // remove particle systems and do other cleanup (room_goto(rm_menu)) There were no crashing...
  10. Le Slo

    Part type alpha 2

    Hello, I've been playing around with particles for my lasers. I have the following: -3 Particle types (once for the laser beam, another for a different kind of laser (not relevant now) and a last one for the end of the laser (I will call it laser splash from now)). They are global variables...
  11. W

    [solved]Can't make Multiple Particles

    Everytime I have more than one object in a room that uses particle systems one seems to stop the other from making any at all and I don't know why. It's like only 1 of the systems can exist at a time or something.
  12. F

    Moving existing particle effects?

    Hello! I am making a 2d platformer and recently started to think about game feel. Namely effects, like dust particles while running or jumping, that I would like to make using the built-in particle system. However, there is one problem - I have moving platforms in my game and that can ruin...
  13. W

    particles only on one card?

    The above image shows my room with a weird effect going on. The particles I setup for the card only ever appear on one card object and all the others seem to be stuck in the top left corner. This is the whole of my card object so far. Information about object: master_card Sprite...
  14. P

    Legacy GM [Solved] Avoiding Memory Leaks With Particle Systems

    The manual recommends destroying Particle Systems when not in use as to avoid a memory leak, I gather in case different objects keep making unique systems and they pile up in memory. I was just wondering, if I store the particle system, particle type and emitter in global variables that all...
  15. D

    Discussion Particles Help

    For some reason my snow particles appear like this? Any help? Thanks!
  16. SquiggleyPete

    GMS 2 Moving particle effect with camera

    Hi all. I'm using Gamemaker Studio 2. Creating an atmospheric fog using particle system. The problem is that the effect stays anchored in the 0,0 coordinate of the room rather than moving with the camera. I've implemented code that is intended to address this, but it isn't working. (Oddly...
  17. D

    Discussion Particles not visible in GML projects

    Hi, I'm just starting with GameMaker 2 and I'm trying to use a simple particle system I just wrote. The problem is that particles are not visible in my GML projects and I can't figure out why, because apparently if I start a dnd project instead and convert the specific event to GML the...
  18. T

    Delta time and particle system

    Hi guys, just a quick question. Is there any possible way to adjust the build in particle systems speed, lifetime etc. to delta time, or am I forced to use my own system? I know that I can update the particle system manually, but that doesn't bring me anywhere, because I obviously can't update...
  19. J

    Question - D&D DnD Particle System

    Hello all, I am new to Game maker studio. Can someone please tell me how to create a particle system with an emitter using the drag and drop? I am trying to create a movable cloud type character. I found where the buttons are for the particle stuff but I dont know in what order they should be...
  20. S

    Legacy GM Stop drawing particles on command?

    Hello, i use a program called Geon_fx_pro to visually create my own particles for game maker studio. I'm trying to create an effect that can continue streaming in a specific room and no where else. However i found it difficult to turn off particles that stream from a create event so i turned off...