particle effects

  1. RefresherTowel

    Creating Sweet Particle Effects in GMS2

    GM Version: 2 Target Platform: Windows/Mac Download: N/A Links: Summary: Learn how to create your own unique and interesting particle effects like this: Tutorial: Tutorial can be found here...
  2. Guitarmike

    Best strategy for particle systems?

    Hi, I use particle effects in a few different places in my game. The particles burst and stream in the vicinity of different objects. What is the most efficient way to manage this? Have one particle system managed by a script and create different emitters and particles as needed? Or create...
  3. Mr Giff

    GMS 2 Help With Advanced Fireworks System

    Hey all, For all of you who have played RCT3 back in the day, you probably remember the impressive fireworks simulations you could create with it and the terrific modding community that made it so much better. I am looking to create a 2D version of that where you can program your own firework...
  4. D

    fatal error when using particles to make blood! :(

    I am making a topdown shooter and am trying to code the blood effects below is all my code in all the areas that pertain to the blood code: this is the actual particle code in the create step of obj_blood_cont this is from following a video tutorial //Blood system partblood_sys =...
  5. J

    How to advance built-in rain effect

    I'm creating rain using the built in ef_rain: effect_create_above(ef_rain, 0, 0, 1, c_gray); And when I run it, the rain starts. But I want it so that when the character enters the room, it looks like it's already been raining. There's a command (part_system_update) for custom particle...
  6. C

    Using Particles with Blend Layer Effects Possible?

    Hey Everyone, My partner was asking me if it's possible to use layer blending like how there is in photoshop to create the light effect demonstrated with the right candlelight. The left is without blending As far as I know, there isn't a layer blending option in the room editor and I said...
  7. HayManMarc

    [SOLVED] Function works; x position variable off.

    Hello, it's me again. I tried to put this code in a script so I could make my own 'region' ( and make that region easier to define), but it doesn't produce the effect I know it's making contact because other code works (for example, reduced hit points). No errors, but no particle effect...
  8. Le Slo

    Part type alpha 2

    Hello, I've been playing around with particles for my lasers. I have the following: -3 Particle types (once for the laser beam, another for a different kind of laser (not relevant now) and a last one for the end of the laser (I will call it laser splash from now)). They are global variables...
  9. D

    Discussion Particles Help

    For some reason my snow particles appear like this? Any help? Thanks!
  10. Nathan Laing

    Windows Particle effect support in GMS2

    Greetings all, GMS1.4 does not support a full range of particle effects functionality compared with professional level particle effects software. Has there been any improvement on this front with GMS2, or at very least, does the new 'infrastructure' allow for improvement at a later date? Nathan
  11. S

    Legacy GM 3D-ish platformer | Particle Effects hardly show when sliding down an object?

    Been developing a "2D platformer with a 3D look" using GML script (I'm starting to get the hang of it now :D) and I've followed some YouTube tutorials to get wall-jumps working in my game. But I wanted to try and add some sort of spark when the player is sliding down a wall, ready to jump...
  12. D

    Legacy GM Help! Particles in incorrect location after returning to room

    Greets. I have a particle system setup on a portal (o_portal_red) that spawns various enemies. It works fine, except when I leave the room, and then return, the particles spawn in 0,0 location instead. Note: * The room is set to PERSISTENT. * The particle code is set in Alarm[0] of...
  13. Drell

    How does particles?

    I'm usually pretty good with reading the manual and figuring things out, but I think I'm misunderstanding something fundamentally about how particles work. I'm currently using particles for on hit effects in my game which is working brilliantly. However I'm trying to do the same thing for the...