particle effect

  1. E

    Windows Rotating particles when the rotates object

    I have a particle that comes out the back of a little ship but when the ship rotates I can't get the particles to rotate with it. This is a step event where I'm trying to use my particle system: part_type_direction(global.ptBasic, 0, 0, 0, 0); part_type_orientation(global.ptBasic, 0, 0, 0, 0...
  2. T

    HTML5 Particle Effects causing freeze in HTML5

    As it says in the title, I have some particle effects in my game. However, when I run the game in the browser, when the particle effects are supposed to appear, everything freezes. It doesn't crash, just freezes. In the console I get this error at the start of the game. Uncaught ReferenceError...
  3. 1up Indie

    GMS 2 All direction dragonball laser beam

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: All Summary: This video tutorial shows you how to make a laser beam in gamemaker studio for all directions. You will get an insight how particles systems work and how to utilize lengthdir to draw the laser on the screen towards the direction of the mouse...
  4. Null-Z

    Particle Problems(CLOSED)

    I'm trying to create an "after image" effect for a projectile object. the problem is the projectile itself changes it's angle on creation to point toward the player object. I've tried but that does nothing. (obj_ParticleExper is the object I want the particle to match angle orientation.) what...
  5. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Demo VFX- Particle Demo

    Links VFX Particle Demo -Learn how to use the native Gamemaker Studio particle systems using this demo -Everything is simplified and concisely written...
  6. M

    Legacy GM Created exists instance is replaced by other created instance

    Hello I need help with my code because I tried everything what can I do with my skills and I don't know how to fix it... here is problem: Just when particles (object/instance) exist and also created new one, exist particles is replaced by new one. I tried any...
  7. G

    GMS 2 particle effect upon collision? (SOLVED)

    i am making a 2d platformer and i was wondering, how can i make it so that when the player hits a ceiling, white star particles fly out?
  8. garlicsuter

    GMS2 Explosion Effect not showing

    Using the below line, the explosion shows for 20% of my students (Game Design Class). We're using GML, and the other line executes fine for everyone with the missile destroying itself. I have the same code, and mine works fine, but for 80% of the students, there's no explosion. What am I...
  9. F

    Moving existing particle effects?

    Hello! I am making a 2d platformer and recently started to think about game feel. Namely effects, like dust particles while running or jumping, that I would like to make using the built-in particle system. However, there is one problem - I have moving platforms in my game and that can ruin...
  10. L

    infint particles!!

    Hi there! For my second Game i'm testing out the particle system and my question is how i can let my particles stay till the player has completet the Level. I know i could create a loop but i think there has to be a better way to solve this. Thanks for your Help! Lino
  11. H

    Particle Effects in an Infinite Runner

    I'm having a problem getting my entire particle system to move across my screen. The particle effect itself is a one time explosion that sends pieces flying off in every direction. The problem is that I want that whole effect to also move left across the screen with the level. Please keep in...
  12. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Specific Instance Burst Emitter Checking

    I currently have my particle system,type,emitter etc setup within a script (Particle_1) which I call upon when obj_small is in the vicinity of obj_ship and the player has pressed space. All of the obj_small instances are moving to the left if !place_empty(x,y) &&...
  13. Niels

    Particle emitter for bullet trail hops from bullet to bullet

    Hi everyone. I have a object called obj_particlesystems that contains all particle systems including my bullet trail particle system. In the bullet object I have the part_emitter_region and part_emitter_stream code. All works well except that it seems there can only be 1 particle emitter active...
  14. K

    Rain Starting Before room launches

    Ok I have two issues here. I want my rain to already be functioning as the room starts so it doesn't look like it just started raining every time my character steps outside. Second issue is that my rain carries into my next room for a few steps making it look like it's raining indoors before it...
  15. S

    Legacy GM 3D-ish platformer | Particle Effects hardly show when sliding down an object?

    Been developing a "2D platformer with a 3D look" using GML script (I'm starting to get the hang of it now :D) and I've followed some YouTube tutorials to get wall-jumps working in my game. But I wanted to try and add some sort of spark when the player is sliding down a wall, ready to jump...
  16. L

    Legacy GM [Help] 'Breaks' in particle chain

    Hey GMC, I've been having an issue creating my particle system. At slow speeds it is fine but as I start to speed up there appear to be 'breaks' in the particle chain. You can see a YouTube video of the issue here: and the Code here: Create Event: ///Engine Particle Intialisation var...
  17. Murr_

    Particles (destroying them, then recreating them)

    Okay so i came across this frustrating issue dealing with Particles. So what my problem is that when i switch to the pause room the particles are persistent or whatever and they appear in the pause room. I tried destroying the particles in the game room when it ends(switching to pause room). But...
  18. J

    How to mimic ef_smoke particle system

    I'm looking to recreate the same system generated by the ef_smoke constant. What are the settings used by the particle system to achieve this effect? Thanks!
  19. Andy Chu

    Particle Effect - Causing Flashes

    Greetings Game Makers! I have created a particle effect but it seems that it is causing brief flashes on my objects. What can I do to fix it up? Please and thank you!