1. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q: Clearing a part of a surface?

    Is there anyway to clear a certain part on a surface except drawing over it with a black image?
  2. S

    GMS 2 Changing The Object's Sprite

    I want to change the object's sprite to be only a part of a sprite. Similar to how draw_sprite_part_ext(). It only draws a part of the sprite.
  3. Le Slo

    Part type alpha 2

    Hello, I've been playing around with particles for my lasers. I have the following: -3 Particle types (once for the laser beam, another for a different kind of laser (not relevant now) and a last one for the end of the laser (I will call it laser splash from now)). They are global variables...
  4. Silversea

    Legacy GM Draw parts of sprite that are in direct collision

    Is there any way to accomplish this without shaders or surfaces? I want a sprite to function as collision (the area indicated by the colour blue), the sprite is drawn. Outside, it is not. This ideally needs to work with rotations, dynamic collision shapes, and so on... If surfaces...
  5. S

    GameMaker:Studio Lobby Networking (GMS 1.x and 2)

    GM Version: GameMaker:Studio 1.99 and GameMaker:Studio 2.033 Target Platform: All except for HTML Download: GameMaker:Studio 1.x: GameMaker:Studio 2: Links: N/A Summary: This is a multipart tutorial on GameMaker:Studio Lobby Networking. Tutorial...