1. Lewa

    Steam Celaria - 3D Parkour Platformer

    Celaria is a first-person racing parkour platformer in which the player races against the time on various tracks. Find the fastest path to the goal and take advantage of the environment in order to improve your runs as much as possible. Features include: Singleplayer Mode (25 maps with 5...
  2. Y

    Hardcore Parkour

    Hey! I've been a long time member of the Dutch Game Maker Community, but that community has pretty much died out so I decided to post my new project here. Hardcore Parkour is a fun and challenging arcade game in which you have to traverse randomly generated areas to get the highest score...
  3. H

    Alpha Suffering Confusion | 2D parkour game [GRAPHICS UPDATE]

    Welcome to Suffering Confusion! New Graphics Demo Preview! Comparing old and new graphics! What is this? This is a 2D parkour game. So far there's no story, but there will be soon! Movement You can move horizontally with the arrows, jump with the up key and also somersault...