1. mar_cuz

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Checking for object parent problem

    Hi All, I have an issue checking for object parents. Say I have a sports team, all players have the same parent, oPar_BlueTeam. I'm using point_in_triangle to check for an instance of oPar_BlueTeam to kick the ball to, it only works when one blue team player doesn't have the same parent as the...
  2. Necromedes

    Instance Activation Advice (Parent Child?)

    I'm trying to set up a text system for my game which allows the player to be within range of an instance, click on them and then the text box pops up. I have that working but I need some advice/info on the parent/child subject. I understand that a child object inherits all data from the parent...
  3. Curial Lloses

    Question - IDE Issues importing Room assets with inheritance

    Hello, I've seen that importing rooms with parenting options to a project still have some issues and don't know if there's a threat about this. If it is the case, please link me to there. Is there a way to import parent and chindren rooms to a project's resource tree correctly? I've tried...
  4. Q

    Determine child object, and adressing child-parent

    [SOLVED] Good day, comrades! In this Video only one plane has the shadow. I want every plane has its own shadow (obj_shadow). 1) How can i determine that Certain Shadow is a child of a Certain Plane ? 2) How can i check Child's variable from Parent object and Parents variable from Child...
  5. A

    GML SOLVED Parent object's depth != children objects' depth?

    Hi all, I have a parent object (magic projectile thing that the player can shoot) with some children objects of it and its all working fine, except that I want to make all the children objects have a specific depth that I assumed could be set in the parent object's depth. But when I change the...
  6. David Richard

    Parenting issue

    I know it's a brief title but it's pretty much the problem I have. I read this article which says about nothing about how it works bisides the fact that it's a good idea: So, being convinced in...
  7. L

    Windows Tower Defense: New Rooms, Multiple Waves, Multiple Paths

    Hey guys! I'm back with another issue. I hope this post is articulate enough and easy to understand. hehe Some context: I'm creating a simple tower defense game, programming for level one is complete, save for a little bit of polishing. Level 1 has three waves of 10 enemies of 3 different...
  8. S

    Unparent an object

    I have an object that is used to decide if an object is solid or not (I don't use the build in solid option) One of my objects is parented to this solid object, but after an animation reached a certain image (image_index = 7) I want my object to unparent, so it isn't solid anymore because the...
  9. R

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Using collision with parents object

    Hi everyone ! I'm french sorry for my bad english. I just discover this incredible studio, and I'm found of RPG so I try to make one. I know some programming but I don't understand some things in GM mechanics. I made two parents objects, one for ennemies, the other for characters. I made two...
  10. 2

     Suggestion: Show Full Parent Structure

    It used to be in Studio that the parent structure for objects showed beyond the first parent, in Show Information, so you could easily figure out why objects might be acting in unexpected ways, if it was an inheritance thing. Now it shows children (which is fine), but only one parent worth of...
  11. Shadowblitz16

    Legacy GM (SOLVED) gamemaker spawning top parent object instead of bottom child?

    does anybody know what could be causing GMS 1.4 to be spawning the top level parent instead of the bottom level child? I actually have the obj parameter as "obj_buster_0" but it spawns a "Entity" object instead here is my code the obj_buster is a child of the Weapon object which is...
  12. K

    Determining an Object's Parent

    Is there a built-in variable or function you can use to determine an object's parent? For example, if I have an object that generates other objects into the room, and I have a number of different enemies (Black dragons, red dragons, shoe salesmen, existential guilt, etc...). If I had those...
  13. C

    Legacy GM Not detecting collision lines for children?

    I have an enemy that will attack if it detects the player through a collision line. If there is a wall in the way it can not detect the player. I would like to add a block that functions like the walls but the enemy can see through it. Is there a way to make this the child of the wall?
  14. P

    About Parent and Child drawing

    Hi all, I'm just new on the GM and I'm just testing some stuff so I come up with a question that I still can't solve myself. Let's say I have a tank and a turret as objects with separate sprites offcurse. I want to consider them as child of a parent object invisible with all property needed for...
  15. N

    Adding Methods/script to an object

    [using Game Maker: Studio Professional, v.1.4.1757] Coming from a Java background, I am wondering if there is a way to have "methods" (private script) associated with an object in Game maker studio? This would be extremely useful when using parents/child objects. A basic example to better...
  16. N

    Legacy GM Question about child and parent in gms

    I have a problem with this twist of code ,in simple i want create code for every object with one ,the problem is the variables strongely he say they doesnt exist and its probaly because i create in the parent variables and in the children variables too i try to just combine two variables ,one in...
  17. W

    Accessing all child objects individually[re-posted]

    Just a re post of this issue I've been struggling with the past few days, only had one other brain helping me think of the solution so I thought I might need to bring in a fresh perspective as my original post is probably already lost in the shuffle of new ones lol So this started out as what...
  18. T

    Solid Parent Object Not Working?

    Heya! So I kinda need some help. I have a child object not gaining the solid properties of the parent object. Other child objects are working with their parent objects, but this child and parent are not cooperating... I've tried putting solid = true; in the create/step event of the parent object...
  19. W

    Parent problems

    No this isn't about MY parents lol Seriously though, I think I'm misunderstanding how parent code relates to it's children's code because when my player collides with enemies that are children f the enemy parent, he's taking way more damage than he should since the enemies in question have...
  20. K

    Do parent objects carry through child objects?

    Example: Parent of object1 == obj_solid Parent of object2 == object1 In this example, will object2 also be a child of obj_solid (which contains the collision code), or only inherit the code that is unique to object1?