1. Mehdi

    Question - Code Big Problem with Sequence!

    I have faced a big problem (or call it bug) with sequences. if you create an animation in a sequence (for example simply rotate a sprite) and then place the sequence in a room layer, the contents of which are positioned using layer_x and layer_y functions, a pretty mess is made! The rotating...
  2. I

    Parallax Effect BUT with preserving offset

    Hy guys, I'm currently working on a space game with parllax effects but I need to know how can I preserve the bg layer offset in the parllax view. I'm using this code: var _cam_x = camera_get_view_x(view_camera[0]); var _cam_y = camera_get_view_y(view_camera[0]); layer_x("Background",_cam_x *...
  3. JeanSwamp

    Vertical Parallax Scroll Desperate help

    Hello, I am having issues trying to make my vertical parallax look good and I am looking for ideas and suggestions. Obviously scrolling a vertical parallax with layer_y(layerid, camera_object.x *0.5) and stuff like that won't work for big rooms. I currently use this: var _ypos =...
  4. JeanSwamp

    Vertical Parallax 2D Sidescrolling

    Hello, I'm having issues trying to get a good looking vertical parallax. I notice most people just do layer_y(layer_id, y/speed); but this doesn't really work very well, unless your room height is pretty much always the same, sort of a Super Mario level. I'm trying to achieve a result where if...
  5. L

    Sprite reentering the screen as it goes out

    So, I'm sorta doing a parallax effect with my background, did an object that is constantly going down, but I want to make a effect that it's pixels reenter the screen on top, as it goes by at the end of it, how would I do it? I tried to make 2 objects with the same sprite and place it on top of...
  6. Heavybrush

    GML [SOLVED] triple parallax starfield

    Hi guys, I have a new project, and I would like to figure out how to make a triple parallax starfield for now i made this: start event /// @description create starfield //inputs starField = 3; starDepth[0] = 100; starDepth[1] = 110; starDepth[2] = 120; stars = 0; maxStars = 1000; spd[0] =...
  7. William Garrison

    Parallax on Instance Layer

    Whats up gang! Obligatory "I am new to GML", but I have a question that I am hoping there is a simple answer for. I am setting up Parallaxing for my Side Scroller Game and it works great for the "Background Layers" but I want to also be able to apply it to Standard Instance layers. The code that...
  8. S

    Parallax Layer for Split Screen Multiplayer?

    My game consists of multiple players in a split-screen setting. I created a parallax layer effect in separate objects, thinking the effect will work for each player, however, it only follows one player. Is it possible to create a parallax layer for multiple viewports and players? Thanks in...
  9. Architheutis

    Wide-Ranging-Backgrounds and their resolution-problems

    Hi there. I´m just developing my first game, that is aiming on android/iOS-gaming. I set up the levels on a world-size of 9000 x 1080 px. The viewport-camera-size is currently set on 1280 x 800 px. I put four background-layers for parallaxing effects - they do work! Unfortunately the imported...
  10. MeltingCat

    Parallax Particles

    Hi, I'm trying to create a particle system that appears to be in front of everything else, closer to the camera. I'm familiar with how to create a parallax effect on backgrounds and tried to apply the same principal on my particle system using part_system_position(). Now as to be efficient I...
  11. Luke Pierson

    Looking to make parallax effect for platformer

    Hello! Once again coming to these forums looking for guidance on how to do a parallax effect similar to Hollow Knight or the upcoming Blasphemous (since Hollow Knight kind of cheats by putting objects further back on the z axis to get depth) So I understand the basics of parallax. Backgrounds...
  12. B

    Parallax help! Layer_x & layer_y with instance layer?

    Hi all I've got a parallax set up that's working nicely. It's for a top down twin stick arena shooter. The view looks down into the arena so the lowest level is the floor. My problem is that the floor moves as part of the parallax scroll, and I need the player/enemy objects to move along with...
  13. 2

    GML Parallax to Fit Bg Height with Room Height

    What formula would cause a background taller than the screen, but shorter than the room_height to parallax such that when the view is at the top of the room the background's top pixel is drawn at the top of the screen, and when the view is at the bottom of the room the bottom pixel of the...
  14. R

    Parallax backgrounds

    Hi can someone help me, I cant understand why my background is starting mid screen and not taking the full width of the screen. I have been following Shaun Spaldings tutorial on this but it doesnt seem to work for me. here is my code... ///Create camera cam = view_camera[0]; follow =...
  15. JeanSwamp

    GML Horizontal Tile Different Backgrounds

    Hello, I'm trying to create some sort of background that scrolls horizontally for a runner game. A good example that comes to mind when trying to explain what I need is Jetpack Joyride, where the background transitions from one to another. Basically I plan to have more or less the same...
  16. Wendell

    GMS 2 Parallax BG - different behavior

    Hey guys, currently my 2D platformer has the below code for handling the background and create the effect when the player moves. The x stands for the camera x position. layer_x("Clouds",x/1.3); This gives me the following effect: What I need is: how do I make the clouds to move a little...
  17. Q

    GMS 2 Choppy Parallax Scrolling

    I've searched high and low for a solution to this issue, and I'm not experienced enough to tinker with things like this myself. I am trying to make the background scroll by to give my game more of a 3D effect. But when my character moves, or stops moving, the elements of the background move...
  18. A. DeVivo

    parallax background on the y axis

    Hey all! First time posting! Fairly new to GM2 but learning. In order to create depth on an island level, I'd like the horizon level of the ocean background layer to somewhat follow the player/ be fixed to the camera as the player/camera descend the y axis. I've been toying with lerp to do...
  19. Z

    Depth effect on scrolling backgrounds. Parallax

    I tend to use this code: background_x[0]=view_xview*1 background_y[0]=view_yview*1 It works but it makes a twitch each time the player lands or stop running Any idea on how to fix it?
  20. Luke Pierson

    Parallax Effect

    Hello, trying to implement parallax scrolling into my game using objects. I'm not quite sure what the best way to do it is. Do I have the objects slowly follow the player's movements? Or should I have it so that the objects move exactly opposite of the player?