parallax background

  1. S

    Parallax Background - preview working, compiler stretches everything

    Hey, hopefully the title and gif explains it all. No code used, just horizontal speed for an image in a background layer. Everything works until I hit run. Please help me find a fix. Thanks in advance.
  2. UEG_Productions

    Help with parallax clouds

    I have set up a simple parallax system with the following: if (layer_exists("Mountains_BG_1")) { layer_x("Mountains_BG_1",cam_x * 0.8); } I do this for multiple layers. I have clouds that are a background layer that uses horizontal speed (in the room editor) to move. I wanted to have the...
  3. MIkadini

    GML layer_id

    I see in the Space Rock tutorial that for create the parallax effect i must use layer_xy, but if i go in the documentation i see that if i use directly the layer name ther's an impact on the performance, how can i use find the layer id? for save at the room start in an array for example?
  4. Heavybrush

    GML [SOLVED] triple parallax starfield

    Hi guys, I have a new project, and I would like to figure out how to make a triple parallax starfield for now i made this: start event /// @description create starfield //inputs starField = 3; starDepth[0] = 100; starDepth[1] = 110; starDepth[2] = 120; stars = 0; maxStars = 1000; spd[0] =...
  5. William Garrison

    Parallax on Instance Layer

    Whats up gang! Obligatory "I am new to GML", but I have a question that I am hoping there is a simple answer for. I am setting up Parallaxing for my Side Scroller Game and it works great for the "Background Layers" but I want to also be able to apply it to Standard Instance layers. The code that...
  6. SoVes

    Asset - Scripts two directional parallax

    2Dparallax is an asset on the marketplace. It's an easy way to get a parallax working for a platformer with verticality. It scales to any room size with adjustable parallax speeds. You can do this with as many background layers as you want. Demo video Marketplace...
  7. Drazglb.

    [SOLVED] Parallax Background doesn't stop when outside of room.

    Hi guys, it's me again. I'm having an issue with my parallax code. Here is how the hole thing is set up; I have 3 background layers, each one follows at a specified speed my character's x position. layer_x("layer1",clamp(o_char.x/2.5,0,room_width))...
  8. Luke Pierson

    Looking to make parallax effect for platformer

    Hello! Once again coming to these forums looking for guidance on how to do a parallax effect similar to Hollow Knight or the upcoming Blasphemous (since Hollow Knight kind of cheats by putting objects further back on the z axis to get depth) So I understand the basics of parallax. Backgrounds...
  9. Edwin

    Parallax background doesn't work.

    Please help! I have a controller object, that controls parallax. obj_controller's Step Event: background_x[0] = view_xview[0] / 4; background_x[1] = view_xview[0] / 2; Why does it's not working?
  10. M

    GMS 2 Help me build a better parallax background with 3d

    So, i was working on the backgrounds for my game and it felt kinda odd that all the buildings had the same perspective regardless of where the camera was, so i tought it would be nice if the background had some perspective things, so i tried looking into some tutorials and some forum entries but...
  11. JAG

    GMS 2 Modify background layer properties in code

    Hi I want to be able to change these: in my code. Specifically the Horizontal Speed property. Apparently GMS1 had a variable for this (background_hspeed) but GMS2 does not. I can't use the regular layer hspeed function because this is a _background_ layer and I need the image to wrap. Also I...
  12. Q

    GMS 2 Choppy Parallax Scrolling

    I've searched high and low for a solution to this issue, and I'm not experienced enough to tinker with things like this myself. I am trying to make the background scroll by to give my game more of a 3D effect. But when my character moves, or stops moving, the elements of the background move...
  13. KamilSeven

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Parallax Scrolling for Single Screen (static view) Game.

    [POST-EDIT] The issue (solved) in this thread was about smooth movement (subpixel movement) in low-resolution games. [POST-EDIT/END] Hi! I want to have a parallax scrolling background for a single screen game with GM:S 1.4. The exact same effect is buildings bg. in Super Crate Box by Vlambeer...
  14. Luke Pierson

    Parallax Scrolling Advice

    Hey guys, so I'm looking for some advice for parallax scrolling along the y axis. How should I go about this? It seems like I should have it so that the higher up a player is, the further the layers are spread out on the y axis, and the lower a player goes, the rear layers begin to disappear...
  15. S

    Parallax Foreground issue [SOLVED]

    So I am basically making a replica of a room from Undertale (the Judgement room) and I need help with the Foreground pillars parallax scrolling. I have no idea how to make them move that way without connecting them to my characters movement, which obviously is a bad idea considering collisions...
  16. M

    Problem with Parallax Foreground [SOLVED]

    Hi, I'm new to Game Maker and programming in general so I'd really appreciate any help here! I have 2 background images of mist (set to foreground in room) which I would like to move in a parallax fashion (so they look close to the camera) AS WELL as move independently from top-left to...
  17. D

    Legacy GM Desynchronized parallax scrolling problem

    Hi everyone, i tried to add a simple parallax scrolling effect to my platform by this code found on a tutorial. Object: obj_parallax Create Event: ///Sets the Parallax Factor parallax[0] = 0; for (i = 0; background_visible[i]; i++) { parallax[0] = background_x[i] / 100; } Step Event...
  18. Heavybrush

    double parallax check

    I'm doing a parallax background, using an object with a sprite that must follow the view because I generate all the rooms procedurally and I don't know how much they are big, so I need: the parallax start at 0 of both (room and view) parallax scroll from 0 to room_width BUT parallax can go...
  19. S

    Legacy GM Parallax Background

    Hello there, nice work for the brand new site ! I have a request : On the old forum, there was a nice post about parallax background for a side-scrolling game (cf link below) But, as you can see, the link is broken... I'm currently working...