1. C

    Portfolio - Art Concept illustrator available for work

    Hello, I'm David and I'm a digital painter looking to visualize your ideas for the development of your games. If you're interested in my work, you can contact me on: Thank you for taking the time to view this!
  2. BigDC

    Portfolio - Art I am ready for art projects, YES I will do them for FREE!

    Hey all I am available to do art projects for games. I will do them for FREE just for the experience. I have very simple requests/stipulations.,. 1. I am not looking or wanting to be a full team member. 2. You allow me to display my finished pieces in my protfolio 2. No pixel...
  3. M

    Portfolio - Art Freelance illustrator/ concept artist looking for work!

    Hello, my name is Marius Janusonis I am a freelance illustrator/ concept artist mainly focusing on environments and I am available for paid work! Please, feel free to contact me at janusonis.marius[at] Here are few examples of my work and you can see more on my blog...
  4. A

    Question - General Using Purchased "Flood Fill" Script to Make "Fill" Tool for "Paint" Program

    Hello. I just purchased a script on the marketplace, but I have no idea how to start using it. It's a "Flood Fill" script. I hope to use it to make a "flood" tool for a paint app. I gather that I should at least create a grid... ds_grid_create()... but I'm already stuck after that. Here's a...
  5. A

    Legacy GM "undo" function for "paint" app

    Hello. I'm currently making a paint app (like Mario Paint) and am trying to create an "undo" button for the user to remove the last thing that they drew (draw_line, draw_circle, etc.) I'm using surfaces with a white background. My first idea was to use a temporary surface that the player draws...
  6. M

    Portfolio - Art Concept Digital 2D painting for your projects.

    Hi, I´m concept Digital Painting artist. I would love to become involved in your projects, if you are interested Contact me: Contact us at Full portfolio at More info here: Social:
  7. Misu

    The Unofficial Art Gallery

    This thread is for all of you to show off or share your artistic side with everybody in the community. You can post paintings, sketches, digital artworks, anything artsy and creative made only by you of course. Let the community express themselves with their art side! <link broken>