Windows New Paint Project

    This is something I started working on today, based on an old concept of mine. The core is there but lacks any kind of GUI. It's just what it looks like: a simple program to chill while drawing pictures that look somewhat alive. If it's too little a project for this thread it's no problem...
  2. erayzesen

    Question - IDE About The Image Editor

    Hi all. I was trying gms2 in last times. I was disappointed about the image editor. I need your tips about these issues. 1-I can't transform(rescale,rotate) when I select an area. If it's true, it's like a joke. It's a simple thing.Is it? 2-I can't find configs like color saturation...
  3. mbeytekin

    Cartoon Shader Idea?

    I am looking for a road map for making an image looks cartoon.. Example application is Comica for android... I've tried Line Integral Convolution method and can get some results but there is something extra for this images. Especially edges are very smooth and clear and sharp... Another...
  4. Zubaran

    Demo Gamut (action, platforms & paint)

    Gamut is an action platforming game in the vein of Ninja Gaiden, Oniken or Castlevania. It's an arcade game rewarding good reflexes and dexterity. DEMO DOWNLOAD To reach the end of a level in Gamut, you will have to navigate between platforms and fight ennemis. You control a character...
  5. W

    Legacy GM How to make a splash effect and not a drip effect?

    HI! So I'm making a game where you have to find your way around life because you got a chance to redeem yourself. Unfortunately that is in the 2d, pixel world. You can grapple on certain things etc. I'm having trouble actually getting the desired effect of the paint splash on the block. I've...
  6. Y

    Question - Code [SOLVED] blend colours as paint blend

    Trying to blend colours of simple shapes like this : // set colour colour1 = make_colour_rgb(0,255,255); // cyan colour2 = make_colour_rgb(255,255,0); // yellow // draw circle 1 cyan (I would prefer blue) gpu_set_blendmode_ext(bm_dest_colour,bm_zero)...
  7. A

    Question - General Using Purchased "Flood Fill" Script to Make "Fill" Tool for "Paint" Program

    Hello. I just purchased a script on the marketplace, but I have no idea how to start using it. It's a "Flood Fill" script. I hope to use it to make a "flood" tool for a paint app. I gather that I should at least create a grid... ds_grid_create()... but I'm already stuck after that. Here's a...
  8. A

    Legacy GM "undo" function for "paint" app

    Hello. I'm currently making a paint app (like Mario Paint) and am trying to create an "undo" button for the user to remove the last thing that they drew (draw_line, draw_circle, etc.) I'm using surfaces with a white background. My first idea was to use a temporary surface that the player draws...
  9. 2

     Suggestion: Instance Delete by: Right Click, Back Space, and Erase Tool

    Right clicking on an instance does nothing now. Now that there are more undos I don't think deleting by right click would be a problem. The tile layer does it that way, and it also has an eraser tool; why not the instance layer. Forcing you to use the keyboard every time you want to remove an...
  10. W

    Job Offer - Artist [Team Request] Artist Needed

    A good artist who can paint in painterly art style. Art like that of games like Braid etc. Note: It is completely up to you how much you want to work, even if you are a beginner I appreciate that and you can get involved. There is no pressure here, you decide what you want to work on and...
  11. V

    What exactly does "Color Only" do for the paint bucket tool?

    I know that tolerance changes how exact the fill tool will affect pixels but what exactly does color only do? i cant find a description of it anywere
  12. Zerb Games

    Windows Trippster Studio: 0.5.5

    Download: Trippster Studio: 0.5.5 Description: A neat drawing software for drawing in a 3D space. There is some trippy effects applied to make the dots fly in, and out from a vanishing point. The dots also have some strange color properties. You can use the arrow keys to rotate around the 3D...
  13. XirmiX

    Not staying underneath the object?

    So, I've made an object that is just for aesthetic reasons. It should stay underneath another object to make it look good (rotate alongside with it and move to where it moves). I am using physics... I got the aesthetic object (the paint) to rotate with the other object by putting this code in...