1. anthonypismarov

    Job Offer - Programmer [PAID] Lead Programmer and Networking Engineer wanted for complex 2D multiplayer game.

    Studio Pismo Looking for: Lead Programmer Networking Engineer Studio Pismo is looking for a new lead programmer to head the development of our first title, Ambition. Concurrently, we are searching for a networking engineer to develop the online portion alongside the programmer. All work is...
  2. Helghast_01

    Windows The Strange Stuff 2

    Finished a game recently and released it on The sequel to the strange stuff 1 is finally here, featuring customizable controls; split screen coop; xbox gamepad support; over 17 weapons all of which you can carry with you, some dismemberment gore...
  3. baconlovar

    Team Request Looking For Artist/Level Designer to Collab With

    Hi, my name is Matt and I'm looking for an artist/level designer to collaborate with on a zombie game I've been working on for some time. Any skill level is welcome because the sprites are 16x32, so it should be pretty easy to manipulate. As well as the fact that I have most of the art already I...
  4. Evoleo

    Portfolio - Programming [Currently Busy] Passioned GML Programmer for Hire!

    Hi! I'm Evoleo and I've been making games in GMS2 for more than 2 years! (I've also done some coding and web before that) I really enjoy everything related to programming (from algorithms to networking to front-end) and love to make fun things in spare time! I've participated in a dozen of...
  5. B

    Job Offer - Programmer IOS Ad Mediation Extension Needed [PAID]

    Hi everyone, We're currently looking for an GMS2 IOS ad mediation extension to help boost ad revenue for our app since GMS2 doesn't support ad mediation. If you're able to code an extension please contact me below. Email: Discord: Benjadetto#0865 Thanks, Ben
  6. Desix

    Job Offer - Programmer Vector Shape functions

    Hi! I need two paid jobs done to save a lot of time. You can apply for one or both! Info: By vector shapes, I mean a closed polygon where some lines can be straight, some can be Cubic beziers. Much like Adobe Illustrator. Constructed like the following: a list of points like x0, y0, x1, y1...
  7. CodeManu

    Job Offer - Programmer [PAID] Programmer required to port a NodeJS server to GML.

    Hi there! I'm looking for a programmer with NodeJS and GML knowledge to port an existing NodeJS server to GML. The server has roughly 3000 lines of code. This is a paid job and if you are interested please message me and we'll discuss the price.
  8. ParodyKnaveBob

    Portfolio - General Stop the Typos! Professional English Copy Editor

    Does your game have typos? Is English your second language? Is English your first language, but you lack time and/or ability to catch and/or correct errors? u txt 2 much n ned hlp? I'm at your service! When one enjoys one's job, one generally does better at it, right? Well! I've held...
  9. D

    Job Offer - Programmer [PAID] Looking for someone to help with xboxlive leaderboard setup.

    Hi all, I'm looking to hire someone familiar setting up an Xbox leaderboard in my game. Only a single stat would need to be recorded but the documentation is sparse and I'm getting a little frustrated. DM me or find me on Discord as Kyle#8671 if you're interested and we can talk details and...
  10. M

    Released Typr - How Fast Can You Type?

    In Typr you test your digital typing skills. Type the word on the screen correctly and score points, the faster you type, the more points you collect! Buy right now on Devlogs: Facebook page...
  11. H

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] Make a Super Meat Boy Clone

    Hey GameMaker community, I am coming from the Construct 2 community. Looking for a programmer to join my team of myself, my artist and my musician to help make a platformer that plays like Super Meat Boy. If you have the ability to emulate the gameplay of other popular platformer games, I am...
  12. C

    Job Offer - Programmer [PAID] XBox One development - short project

    Hi all, I'm looking to hire a developer that is familiar with the XboxOne environment on a short term basis. I've got a project that is nearly ready for certification but I need help finalizing it. The main task would be porting the save file system over to the console and creating some saves...
  13. Dandysius

    Team Request [PAID] Looking for graphics artist!

    I'm offering up to 1500 USD (depending on quality) for creating "realistic looking" graphics for me. Your goal will be to create realistic looking environment with some extra sprites like trench and couple of props (like trees and ground patches etc.) Message me for more info! :) Soldiers will...
  14. TheGameDevGuy

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer Looking for work :D 12 Years Experience

    Hey everyone, Ive been around out and about on the forums, but i would like to propose an agreement of my services, I am indeed looking for paid work. Here is some of my works: - Noise generated biome maps with height, humidity, temperature and an augmentation layer of randomness...
  15. Clinton Wheeler

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Looking for GFX for my game

    Hi All, I am currently developing an online RPG and I am looking for sprites to bring my game to life. I am willing to pay if required, right now its the core engine with placeholder sprites for each module of the game. At the moment the direction i want to go is going to be up to what art i...
  16. Reventador

    Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Pixel Artist 2D/3D

    I am looking for a 2D or 3D pixel artist to animate pixel drawings I have made. Simalar style to...
  17. G

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for GM Studio 2 Tile-based Platform Mechanic Programmer

    EDIT - Found someone! Thanks, everyone. Hey all. Looking for someone to do a relatively small paid job. I'm a game designer who is rubbish at programming and can't successfully implement stuff from various tutorials to save my own life, so I'm wanting to commission a GameMaker Studio 2...
  18. G

    Released Veins of Light Official Release!

    Hello GameMakers! This is Alex Lang with Fungi Studios, a one-man production team! Veins of Light was made in GMS2, and all art, music, 90% audio, and 90% code is original. Thank you to the few extensions I used! Play the Last Hero of the Earth, delving deep into the ancient place of secret...
  19. mar_cuz

    Job Offer - Artist Large Hi Res Pixel Art Stadium [PAID]

    Hi Guys, I am creating a sports game and need some background art. This is paid work. I need a huge image of a stadium done for my background. I don't need the grass that area can be blank. I just need a pixel art version of this stadium: here are some examples of the level of detail and...
  20. R

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] Looking for a programmer on a platform game

    Hello peeps, I'm looking for a quite experienced programmer to develop a PC platformer game with some quite unique mechanics. I'm also willing to pay for the job or split the revenues from the game. I'm also a programmer and designer but i feel like I need another partner on this so that the...