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  1. DeadSeagull

    Job Offer - General Looking for a Concept/Game Designer

    Hi, I'm looking to create my first video game. Looking to create something small for the first project. Currently looking to hire a game designer to help with these tasks. flesh out the game concepts gameplay and mechanics. create the Game Design Document i can't decide which to start with...
  2. OliverLugria

    Job Offer - Artist Need artist for UI and menus

    My team is currently making a demo for a pixel art game and need assets for the UI. There is a mixture of turn based and fighting game like mechanics that need to be represented. I've posted some of characters and the current prototype screen to give a sense of what we have currently. Please...
  3. OliverLugria

    Job Offer - Audio [Closed] Hiring Composers for Rythmic Combat

    Hello! My team's upcoming game "Pulse" is centered around fighting to the beat of the battle music. Without amazing tracks to fight to the combat will quickly become stale and uninteresting. I am currently interested in commissioning 3 tracks for the game's demo with future collaboration...
  4. Master Maker

    Job Offer - General Marketer Desired

    I know this is an unusual job posting for this forum, but here goes! :) I am a very experienced game maker studio programmer, in need of work. I am looking for a member for my studio who will be in charge of sales. Responsibilities: securing jobs obtaining good reviews marketing/advertisement...
  5. Dandysius

    Team Request [PAID] Looking for graphics artist!

    I'm offering up to 1500 USD (depending on quality) for creating "realistic looking" graphics for me. Your goal will be to create realistic looking environment with some extra sprites like trench and couple of props (like trees and ground patches etc.) Message me for more info! :) Soldiers will...
  6. AndrewTidey

    Portfolio - Art [LOW-COST] Experienced 2D Artist and Animator

    Hey, I'm Andrew. I've been making games for 7 years now and have experience on the programming and art side of things. I can do art for all aspects of the game - characters, backgrounds, GUI, logo, promo material or any other specific asset you may need. I can also do a range of art-styles to...
  7. P

    Job Offer - Artist Paid Position:Project Nosebleed Business

    Hello, I have a paid position available for an artist to help with our project Nosebleed Business a boxing game from the business point of view. Mostly spashscreens and 'fighter pages' with our statistics, attributes, etc. No animation necessary, this is not a graphics driven button smasher...
  8. TheGameDevGuy

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer Looking for work :D 12 Years Experience

    Hey everyone, Ive been around out and about on the forums, but i would like to propose an agreement of my services, I am indeed looking for paid work. Here is some of my works: - Noise generated biome maps with height, humidity, temperature and an augmentation layer of randomness...
  9. C

    Job Offer - Programmer paid work - Looking for a GML programmer to develop a simple NFC extension

    Hello ! I am looking for a freelance programmer specialized in GML (Game Maker 2) for the development of a very simple script to recover the "plain text" data from an NFC chip via a reader such as this one:
  10. M

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for Programmer for Rhythm Game

    Hello, My names Ivan , I am from MDJ Latam Games. I am currently in search for a programmer who can deliver a rhythm game. In order to consider you please send me the following to my email or here. ( ) Previous games COMPLETED Years of EXPERIENCE with GM Quote for full...