1. Coded Games

    Optimizing Texture Pages for a Card Game

    So one of the biggest questions I have in my game is about how I should optimize my texture pages. Each card in the game has a 600x600 px piece of artwork. As of now, I have just been throwing all of them into a texture group and calling it good enough. My texture page sizes are 4096x4096 so...
  2. 2

    Asset - Scripts Asset Sale: Quick Debug, Show Variable Set Pages

    Have you ever had trouble visualizing what your variables are doing? Do you wish you could have watched the values of them to catch an error that you searched a long time for? Then this asset is for you, and it's deeply discounted for the time being. It allows you to watch variables over time...
  3. G

    Way to get texture width and height in GM 1.4 in pixels

    I need to get the width and height of the exact texture page an image is on to do some calculations with. I can get a lot of other information but I'm having trouble getting the actual width and height of textures on demand. I CANT just assume they are 2048x2048 or whatever I set the texture...
  4. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension Interactive Books - Now with GMS 2 support!

    Download demo: Marketplace link: This asset lets you add highly flexible and interactive books to your game. Flipping from one page to another is animated and you can flip multiple pages at once. Lighting and...