1. J

    Is Background Padding possible? [Solved with 2 solutions to 1 problem]

    Hey all I'm sorting out some parallax backgrounds. I wish to place individual images in my background and select repeat horizontally but need some padding. I am trying to avoid setting the texture page size higher so is it possible to repeat an image but space them out without altering the...
  2. One-Armed-T-Rex

    Android Glitch in full screen black bars on Mobile (padding glitch) "SOLVED"

    Can anybody help me to find a solution for a glitch that shows up when running my game on my android device? (phone Oneplus 3). The game has a resolution of 384x256 pixels (ratio 3:2). My phone is set to 1920x1080 pixels (ratio 16:9), so my game has to show black bars at the side, but those...
  3. K

    Question - Code SOLVED - Where should I make changes to a viewport

    CONTEXT: I am making a 2D platformer, I am using tile map collisions for all my solid objects (floors, platforms, etc...). I want my player to be able to go off screen when entering a doorway to a new room, and only when the player is fully off screen will they go to the new room. A tile map...
  4. G

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] New doubt - Fast spawn with score

    First: I'd like some help, I've created a random DnD spawner all over the Room. However some objects are being spawned at the corners of the screen with the object / sprite cut in half. I want to leave a margin of 35 pixels on the right and left, 100 pixels on the top and 150 pixels on the...