1. Zato

    Distribution Android Google Play Asset Delivery! Replacing APK Expansion

    Hey Folks, I was wondering if there is any info on taking advantage of the new "Play Asset Delivery" or PAD format with AAB using Game Maker to publish games up to 2GBs on Google Play Store? I searched around and I have not found anything on the forums on Game Maker Studio using this new PAD...
  2. V

    Gamepad Usage

    I found all of the tutorials online and also the GameMaker index for the different constants for the gamepad, but in all of those things I could not figure out how to get the D-pad to work. I had no trouble figuring out the joysticks (that was basically what all of the online tutorials went...
  3. J

    Problem making touch pads

    //STEP EVENT x = view_xview + 50; y = view_yview + 260; */ positionFireX = view_xview + 430; positionFireY = view_yview + 260; positionMoveX = view_xview + 50; positionMoveY = view_yview + 260; mx0 = device_mouse_x(0); my0 = device_mouse_y(0); mx1 = device_mouse_x(1); my1 =...