1. Isaac_Pilgrim12

    Windows Package Error

    Boys, I have a problem that don't know how to fix. All of my projects, no matter if it's brand new or not, keep giving me this error, while showing nothing on the Compile Errors window. Can any of you tell me if I'm doing something wrong? Thank you!
  2. R

    Question - Code Is there any way to export project to later import as a package?

    So i have made a customizable menu system in GMS2 and I wanted to know if there is any easy way to export the whole project and its assets in some sort of package to later import it in other projects. I also wanted to know if is it possible to update that imported package because if i detect any...
  3. A

    Mac OSX macOS Mojave - FAILED : Package Program Complete

    When I try to build and executable on macOS Mojave, I get this output: Saving project to: /Users/[USERNAME]/GameMakerStudio2/PixelPlacer/PixelPlacer.yyp "/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/Commands/mono"...
  4. K

    Windows FAILED : Package Program Complete (cant create executable!)

    Hello, I'm having trouble packaging a game as an installer or zip, it runs within the IDE fine but just wont package. Even new projects wont package. I even tried a different versions of game maker. I'm running IDE v2.1.4.285 and Runtime v2.1.4.218 Looking at the console seems like "cmd" /c...
  5. S

    Namespace and func library.

    Hello guys I am new in GML and need some help. Can i create scripts with same name for different objects. For example i want create script named "DoMove", but it must work different. Have GML something like namespace (c#) or package (Java). And second question. Can i create a big script like...
  6. S

    Question - IDE GM2 package question

    Real quick easy question that I can't find yet. Does the full version of GM2 come with the $399 mobile package? I currently don't have GM2.
  7. J

    Windows FAILED : Package Program Complete

    Hello, I'm having trouble packaging a game as an installer or zip, it runs within the IDE fine but just wont package, I've tried multiple PCs to no affect. I'm running IDE v2.1.0.212 and Runtime v2.1.1.158 Part of the console: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe DONE (0) DoSteam Igor complete...
  8. L

    Android Package name error

    in game maker 1.4 i had a package name like com.blabla.title_duluxe for example but in game maker 2 i can't do the _ in the package name! and i can't upload game updates to the play store now! do you now a fix????
  9. Shadowblitz16

    Windows how do I import a yymp file?

    does anybody know how to import a yymp file? I tried doing it though the marketplace browser in the IDE but it doesn't do anything when I download it.
  10. P

    Question - Uploading Issue with uploading to the marketplace?

    So after extensive searching on both this forum and google, I haven't really found any information about this problem I'm having while trying to upload my tile set to the marketplace. Whenever I try and upload my package, it immediately gets rejected, and I instantly receive an email from the...
  11. M

    Question - Code Extensions vs Packages

    Hello, What is the difference between Extensions and Packages? In GMS2, there is a menu item to create a package, but I can't find any place to create an extension. In the documentation it guides me in how to create an extension, but no where does it say how to create the GMEZ file. Did...
  12. O

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] How can I add files into the finnished packaged application?

    Hello, I have some text files, that contain custom level data for my game. I would like to be able to package these textfiles with the finnished application, so I can open and read them from in-game. How would I do this? Thanks in advance, Oliver