1. inertias

    GMS 2.3+ Physics Engine: how to prevent pushed objects from overlapping?

    Hello everyone, when using GM's built in physics engine, I noticed that when objects are against a wall and pushed, they will slide through each other. I attached a gif of what I'm referring to. Is there no way to prevent this or is it as simple as changing a setting that I'm not aware of...
  2. GGJuanPabon

    GML overlap in collision 2D X and Y

    Can you help me please ?, I thank you in advance !!! I'm stuck I am using a perfect collision code, or so they call it on the internet. But I have 2 problems, an overlap in the ceiling, (which I solved with a validation but it does not seem the most optimal). and the second problem is that it...
  3. G

    draw_sprite_ext -> stop overlapping

    Hello everyone :) I am new to GM Studio 2 and I have a problem with the draw_sprite_ext command I am drawing two sprites with this command: draw_sprite_ext(shadow_block,image_index,x+32,y+1,image_xscale,image_yscale,0,c_black,.4); but when these meet each other they overlap and it looks like...
  4. J

    Question - D&D Sprite order in room designer

    Hello. I've been trying to learn GameMaker 2 and use the room designer to place sprites. I'm having a problem getting the sprites to overlap in the correct order, so I created a very simple example and made a screen capture to illustrate the issue. As can be seen in the attached image, I've...
  5. JoltJab

    Legacy GM [solved] rectangle_in_triangle collision problem?

    I have what looks to be a triangle overlapping a rectangle, but it returns false. I simplified a script I have to isolate the problem, but I still can't seem to figure out what it is. I'm creating a collision system that's based on grid cells (you can see the cells based on the background...
  6. T

    Legacy GM Help preventing events in overlapping objects

    Let's say I have two objects, both with a mouse enter event. If one object is over the other one and I move my mouse over one, the one underneath will fire as well. What is the best way to prevent this? Depth/mask doesn't seem to affect it. Right now I use a hack-y "is this object visible and...