1. angelwire

    GMS 2 [Solved] HLSL 11 Shaders - Problems generating and using depth map

    I'm writing an outline shader in GMS2 using HLSL 11 and I'm having issues drawing and using a depth map. I have two shaders, a main shader and an outline shader. The main shader encodes the pixel depth into the Green and Blue channels and draws that to the depth surface (the red channel is being...
  2. Let's Clone

    Question - IDE New to GMS2 (image editor)

    Howdy! I've decided to come back to working with GMS a bit, and this time around I'll be diving into GMS2 which I have used very little in the past. So far, i think it's a pretty solid improvement. Everything seems rather intuitive and is definitely visually pleasing. That is... until I made...
  3. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 how can i put a glowing outline for sprites

    i have a explosion sprite that i want to have on it a glowing outline for that it can be seen clearly on dark places can u show me some ways to how to do that pls :)
  4. Dr_Nomz

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Can I give my text an outline? (draw_text/ext)

    I know I can do a lot with draw_text (and ext) but what about outlines? There's not a lot of contrast as is and I want to play around with it. Can I do that at all?
  5. K

    Windows Weird Outline half inside my sprite

    There is a weird and very thin and transparent outline half inside my sprite. I am not sure why its there. I already tried removing pixels in the original image, so I am very sure its the fault of the program. I am running out of ideas to fix it. Nothing is working.
  6. R

    White Outline Around Background Assets

    I’ve been messing around with textured brushes in Photoshop and tried importing layers into Gamemaker to see what they would look like as a complete background. It resulted in a strange, white fuzzy outline around every layer, the same texture as the brush I used in Photoshop. Does anyone have a...
  7. sv3nxd

    Legacy GM Dark outline around white spriteareas on white background

    Hey guys! So I found myself really enjoying playing around with this current project of mine. But today I came up with a REALLY annoying problem. So basically a lot of people had that problem already, but none of the solutions they had worked out for me. If you guys don't mind, I'll be...
  8. matharoo

    Asset - Shaders Matharoo's Outline Shader

    This is my outline shader. It has customizable thickness, quality and color. It works with surfaces too. DOWNLOAD LINK I'm not experienced with shaders, so some of you advanced users might spot something stupid in the code. If that is the case, please do tell me, I'd love to improve it! If...
  9. Zhanghua

    GMS 2 draw_rectangle Set the Outline Width ?

    It's only 1px with outline of "draw_rectangle", So how can I set the border width for this function? TKS.
  10. Shavv

    Legacy GM [FIXED] Help needed with Mouse over objects

    Heey! I made this little code to draw an outline over one object and one only. It works but when i mouse over multiple objects at the same time, none of them get shown. ///outline(color,mousemask,normalmask) mask_index=argument1 if position_meeting(mouse_x,mouse_y,self) { if...
  11. ShaunJS

    Graphics Pixel Outline Shader Tutorial

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 1.x & 2 onwards Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: Create a simple pixel outline around a sprite using a shader. This shader simply raises the alpha of a pixel based on the pixels that surround it in the original texture. Can be made to work with...
  12. M

    [solved]Delete red/white outline

    some of my sprites randomly have red or white outlines, on the sprite editor it does not have any outline, but in game it has red or white outlines any solution to this?
  13. F

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Draw circle's outline with a thick outline?

    How can I draw a vector circle's outline? I typed this code and it gave me a gray circle with a 1 pixel-width black outline draw_set_circle_precision(64) draw_set_color(c_ltgray) draw_circle(room_width/2,room_height/2,100,0) draw_set_color(c_black) draw_circle(room_width/2,room_height/2,100,1)...
  14. A

    Outline Shader Help

    I have been looking for an outline shader all over the internet and I can't seem to find one that works. I mostly want to use it to outline text as an alternative to drawing text 8 times as it is way too slow to draw. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  15. TotallyAverageGamez

    Shaders [SOLVED] Outline Shader: How to reference a nearby pixel's alpha?

    Hey All, Have a question about shader code. I am trying to create an outline shader that draws a border (highlight) 1px wide around an object. The code I am using so far is this: varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; uniform vec4 outlineColor; void main() { vec4 originalColor...
  16. J

    Android Outline Stroke Shader For Overlapping Sprites

    I have overlapping sprites consisting of Head, 4 Limbs and a Torso that makes up a character. I would like to create a border around this character as a whole and not on its individual sprites as it is overlapping which looks funky. I used surfaces with the masking technique and it works like a...
  17. F

    Shaders [SOLVED] My first outline shader

    Hey everyone, This is my very first post here. I'm having some issues with an outline shader i'm trying to use. I first tried this guy's code: but it didn't work (no outline at all: just my sprite). Then, I found this topic...
  18. Odolwa

    Legacy GM Outline Shader (SOLVED)

    I have just watched a video Shaun Spaulding posted on applying a black outline to in-game sprites, but I've not been able to implement it. Can anyone help? Here's his code: Fragment Shader: varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; uniform float pixelH; uniform float pixelW; void...