out of memory

  1. FlatulenzaFiamm

    Drag And Drop Out of Memory when creating a standalone executable

    The title says it. Everytime I try to make an EXE, it just shows up the phrase "Out of Memory" and do not create it! During the game and test it never happens! Please help! FIXED Nevermind, classic GM error.
  2. S

    GM8.1 Out Of Memory error comes after a while

    Okay so I need help because the error here is very bizarre. If I restart my computer, I can save & run my game just fine. Nothing bad happens and I can just work on it! However, if some time passes (Not sure how much) I can't save nor run my game anymore as it gives me an "Out Of Memory" error...
  3. W

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Check if an image is to large to load

    Hello, in my project I'm getting an image from the player like this: ///Load normal sized images if(mouse_x>96 && mouse_x<144 && mouse_y>0 && mouse_y<32 && global.progress=0 && canpress=1) { global.pic1 = get_open_filename("Image file|*.png;*.jpg;*.gif;*.tif", ""); if((string_pos(".png"...
  4. Richie Palmer

    GameMaker v1.4.1804 Out of Memory Popup

    Gamemaker updated from 1.4.1763.4150 to v1.4.1804 and now I'm getting an Out of Memory popup when trying to run the game inside version 1.4.1804. On the previous version it ran fine in windows inside Game Maker (run the game button). This is really causing me delays, I'll have to look to see...
  5. D

    3D Out Of Memory (How clean?)

    Hi boys, we are creating 3D Rpg game and creating so much 3d models inside game. (like 600-700) and so much using shaders.. etc But Game maker 1.4 creating error "Out Of Memory". How can we clean memory? Any tips ? thank you for all anwsers
  6. S

    Legacy GM Is GMS has problem with Win10 & Integrated graphic card?

    Hi, I just finished my game demo and I released it. Most of players can play game without problem. But few players get "out of memory" error when start game. My game don't have memory leak and game using 300MB memory. Some of them get game freeze when play for a while and he said he can play...
  7. G

    Legacy GM Out of Memory Error

    Hello, Game Developers! After new update I faced pretty tricky problem. Out of Memory Errors are common for new developers, as I've found out. But mine is special. I'm a beginner developer, most of my skills are from Shaun's Spadling videos. So my problem is here: 1) Game works perfectly in all...
  8. R

    Out Of Memory & File Corruption

    I've had a "Out of memory" error message while editing sprites in my game, which up until this point I have not received. When I saved the game after this and I try to load it, it says: "Error Loading: File seems to be corrupted". I have a back up of the game so that's not an issue. But I'm...