1. B

    SOLVED How can I do "instance_destroy(other)" in Step Event?

    Hello guys. I have a problem and I'm waiting yours help. I have two object. They are (obj_a) and (obj_b). I want after their collision, create a new object (it's obj_c) where to their collision place and destroy (obj_a) and (obj_b). I tried to do this as: (obj_a) step event: if...
  2. Krenzathal77

    Using "with" to store ID of an object's creator in variable (not working)

    Hi folks, I'm having a problem with storing instance IDs. I have multiple instances of an enemy object that can attack the player with punches/kicks etc. These enemies create hit objects which collide with the player, so obviously I want the hit objects to know which instance is creating them...
  3. A

    Legacy GM with (other) not working properly

    I have an projectile and I have an enemy in the enemy's step event I try to make it so that if it touches a projectile it supposed to: -lose a point of health -destroy the instance of the projectile var hit = place_meeting (x,y,obj_player_projectile) if (hit) { enemyhealth -=1; with...
  4. M

    Object destroys itself even with instance_destroy(other)

    Hello there! I am working on a big project for quite a time now, so I am pretty familliar with gamemaker now. Everything works fine until I try to add a coin system. Here the explanation: I have an obj_ball that you can flick. I also have an obj_coinBrown. In the obj_ball step event I coded...
  5. P

    Help with "other" (Drag & Drop)

    I'm trying to move all of the other objects in the room except for the object containing the code itself, and used this: but none of the objects moved except the sprite with the code. (basically the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve) Can somebody help me?
  6. Suzaku

    "other" keyword in timelines?

    Im trying to use the other keyword inside of a timeline which is used by a object. The timeline is called in a colision event between 2 objects, but the other keyword doesnt seem to point at the other object involved in the colision event, I dont know why. I even tried the with statement inside...
  7. matharoo

    Forum Game Let's appreciate each other.

    I'm gonna tag a few members and let them know why I appreciate them. (Don't wanna tag too many people and break the rules) You do the same! Tag a few people and let them know why you appreciate them. Let's spread love in the GMC...
  8. kpenrose92

    how to access the "other" instance in place_meeting?

    hello! i am trying to prevent my platformer player from getting stuck on the corner of obj_solid. i am trying to do an 'if' statement inside of place_meeting() with obj_solid, to check my player's position within obj_solid.bbox for vertical collision . code looks like this --> if...
  9. A

    Windows Problem with exclusion in "other" keyword

    I want to use my enemy's code with almost all objects, but I don't want to attack to the main character. Edit - I'm using distance to object.
  10. S

    Destroying Other Instance in Collision Destroying Self Instead

    My code is meant to check if the character is holding a melee weapon as well as if his sprite is one of the four various attacking sprites while he is colliding with an enemy, then destroy the enemy instance. This code should be fairly simple, however instead of destroying the enemy upon...
  11. XirmiX

    GML with() doesn't recognise the other object that executes it?!

    The "with" statement is supposed to take an instance/object and make changes to that instance/object as if it's written within that instance/object, but the object that executes the statement can be called within the statement through "other", right? Well, I have had this work well until now...
  12. R

    Legacy GM Collision(?) checking and 'other' references advice?

    Hi again everyone! I know I have basically been spamming the forums the last couple of days, but while things are a little more quiet with my life, I'm seizing the opportunity to really put some time into my current project! That being said, I have hit something of a slight roadblock with my...
  13. V

    Legacy GM Code works in Collision Event but not as collision check on Step Event

    Hello everyone. I have been struggling for a while to develop a viable method for top-down 2.5D jumping/platformer engine (think SMRPG, M&L mario series) and, as my prototypes had serious issues, I went for free examples to learn. I did found two that were very effective and could be...
  14. C

    [solved] Issue passing variables using "with" and "other"

    Hi everyone. My issue is by using the with statement. I'm making a very simple dragon quest style rpg for practice. Basically the player collides with a enemy on the field... then a battleEvent object is created. This battleEvent object creates a playerBattle and a enemyBattle objects, each...
  15. T

    Keyword other in context of collisions

    Hi, Im having problems to understand the functionallity of the keyword other in context of collisions. What im trying to do is this inside the step event if(place_meeting(x, y, obj_ball_projectile)) { if(damageCooldown <= 0) { hp -= other.damage; damageCooldown +=...
  16. M

    Database or Arrays? or other...

    Hey! i use arrays but it suck a heck of a lot of juice! i was wondering if there was something other than that. Database are pretty same but idk if its faster or better and what is the difference.
  17. R

    Help with control actions and "other"

    I have the following problem: I am trying to create a simple "lights off" clone without scripting. But the control actions don't properly fill in the other variable it seems. I am trying to replace a neighboring object instance. I have tried: "Check Collision" and "Check Object" without...