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    SOLVED Oscillation Physics, how to implement?

    So, hello everybody, I am currently trying to implement the tutorial budy for my game. The game is a classical platformer but to understand the things better I've attached the screenshot. So the problem is that I want the dummy to swing like a pendulum if somebody pushes it. I tried using the...
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    How to draw sine wave

    Hey So I'm trying to create a background for the first level of my game, and I wanted it to be simply a color screen with a bunch of sine waves oscillating up and down, so that the amplitude goes from the max, to zero, to the negative max, and back again, and so on. I am not really sure how to...
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    Sin function not working

    Hi. I'm fairly new to GM2 and programming in general so sorry if this is a stupid question. Im trying to make my object slowly pick up speed in the y direction and then slow down gradually, essentially the first arch of a sin function. So, I am trying to use a sin function to dictate the...