1. D

    Android / Amazon Fire [Solved] Android - No flipped portrait orientation?

    Android Orientation option - all 4 are checked. However, when you rotate the phone, all works except "flipped portrait orientation". Have anybody seen this or just me? Seeing the same behavior in Emulator and Device IDE: Runtime:
  2. DBabicius

    Android / Amazon Fire Orientation Porblem when launching APK from a third party platform

    Hello, fellow Game Maker developers! I would like to ask for your help, since I'm facing quite a peculiar problem. The thing is, I'm currently preparing to launch my game on a new Android-related store/platform that is separate from Google Play. The platform is essentially a service that the...
  3. D

    Obj. Resets Rotation after movement (image_angle = dir)

    My obj in a top down click to move game has: image_angle = direction; It faces the direction it is moving towards, but once the movement stops, the sprite resets to it's original right-facing orientation. How can I force the sprite to stay pointed in it's last known direction? Thank you!
  4. felixpf

    iOS Screen totally black for a very short moment while rotating the device

    Hello everyone, It troubled me for weeks that my project with orientation enabled on iOS devices, the screen will go totally black for a very short moment (like 1 or 2 frames?) when I rotate my device, I've recorded a video to clear up any confusion, and the issue timecode is 00:00:01:14 and...
  5. J

    Android Orientation

    Hello, I have experienced and issue where I want to show my application only in portrait mode. I have gone into my preferences and check only portrait box. However my application is always in landscape mode and landscape flipped mode. it will not go into portrait mode. compiler = android/fire...
  6. A

    Projectile Problems

    I'm making a Tower Defense-style game for a class I'm enrolled in, and I have many of the basics down for towers/ enemies at the moment. However, I'm absolutely clueless as to one thing: How do I get my projectiles to orient themselves to face the enemies? For example: I have an Archer Tower...
  7. Z

    GML Body part postion tracking

    So I'm just getting back into gml with a cool game idea (although I never got too deep into gml at all) and I'm wondering how I might be able to make a left and a right hand object stay in the correct position and orientation in front of the body object hopefully with a bit of room for the hands...
  8. Pogmog

    Android / Amazon Fire os_lock_orientation Flipping Problem

    There is a problem that when using the function os_lock_orientation(true) on a device that is in landscape the game will be flipped 180 degrees. This has been reported in the following threads: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/os_lock_orientation-issue.24398/...
  9. M

    Android / Amazon Fire os_lock_orientation flips my game

    So I am working on an android game. I have a room where I am using the device_get_tilt as the primary controls, but with to big tilt motions the game would flip from landscape to portrait and ruin the game experince. So in order to fix this I used os_lock_orientation(false) when the room starts...
  10. M

    Android / Amazon Fire [SOLVED] Controlling android orientation

    Hey I am really struggling with this one. Is there a way to control the orientation for certain rooms? For example I have a menu room that has aspect ratio for portrait mode. But when I move to the next room I want that room to be shown as landscape mode. Currently the game seems to set the...
  11. M

    Android / Amazon Fire How to lock the device orientation?

    I'm currently developing a game for android and the menu system can be used in portrait or landscape and then when the game starts the user is asked to rotate the device to horizontal if not already. Once the device is rotated to the horizontal position I would like to be able to lock the...
  12. GMWolf

    Legacy GM Object Orientation in GMStudio

    GM Version: GM:Studio Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: https://goo.gl/IXmvWo Summary: In this video, I discuss some major features of OO design such as Polymorphism, Composition and Inheritance, and explain how these concepts can be implemented in GMStudio. Tutorial: Thanks for...