1. Q

    Portfolio - Audio Composer Team X-Score

    Hello! I am Konstantin and together with Jan we created the composing duo X-Score. We have a lot of experience with composing different types of music for all kinds of Media. Looking forward to participating in any serious projects. Have a listen to some of our works on: www.x-score.de Cheers
  2. NimNom1234

    Job Offer - Audio Looking for orchestral music guy

    The above video is from Week 4 of development :) Hey! I know this is a stretch, but it is how I got an art guy to help me. I'm looking for a guy to do some orchestral style music for free. I don't expect anyone to step up, as it is a big job, but you would have certain benefits. I'm looking...
  3. DisOmikron

    Portfolio - Audio [LFW] Christoph Jakob | Composer & Sound Designer ~ Quirky, Retro, Melancholic

    Hey everyone! I am Christoph Jakob, freelance composer and Sound Designer from Germany. I compose in a variety of styles and I specialize in quirky & joyful, chiptune and melancholic music. SoundCloud: - Bandcamp: https://disomikron.bandcamp.com/ - Royalty-Free Music...
  4. G

    Portfolio - Audio Grayson Howard | Experienced Composer for Hire

    I would love to create a score for your game. Here is a bit of my work: https://www.graysonsound.com/music-composition Please email me if you are interested. graysonbh@gmail.com
  5. starwolf

    Portfolio - Audio Will Goss | Composer for hire

    Hello all! My name is Will and I'm a 26 year old composer. My goal is to capture the essence of your game through the music, so that the player feels as if they are completely immersed in your world. I provide original, powerful, fully mixed and mastered tracks for fixed or per-minute rates...
  6. Jaden Eckel

    Portfolio - Audio Freelance Musician - synthpop/rock/orchestral/chip

    Hello, I'm Jaden. I'm kind of new to these forums. I've been messing around in game maker for something like ten years now but I still don't really feel like an expert by any means. More to the point, I create music under the nomenclature "Atomic Shrine Maiden" and I'd be happy to supply music...
  7. B

    Portfolio - Audio Bobby Novak - Composer/Producer

    Hello! My name is Bobby Novak, and I am a composer/producer. I have been heavily involved in music production for the past 4 years and I am more than happy to share my potential here with you guys. My work is more affiliated with orchestral and atmospheric music, but I can extend to other...