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or statement

  1. D1Project

    Drag And Drop Drag and Drop if [...] or [...]

    Hello, Using Drag and Drop, is there a way to do if [...] or [...] ? The only workaround I found is to use an "If Expression" and put the whole expression in. For example, if I have a boss with 4 phases, but I want him to execute the same action on phase 2 and 4. In GML, we would put "if phase...
  2. Nathan

    GMS 2 How to use != as an or statement

    Here is the code I need to alter : if (variable01 != "fire") { sprite_index = default_sprite; } I need this to be come if variable01 is 'fire' OR 'water' then change the sprite index. How do you make it into an 'or' statement? I couldn't find an example of this. Thanks!