1. S

    Quick and Easy Gamma/CRT options

    GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows Download: n/a (see code below) Links: n/a (see video) Summary: Tutorial aimed at beginners showing how to implement a quick and easy CRT-like overlay, and how to adjust the "gamma" of your game. I notice the "CRT" and "Gamma" options are becoming...
  2. N

    Legacy GM Seperate options for same object?

    Hey all! A quick question: is there away (or a way to work around of it) to have 2 of the same objects in a room but have different variables? For example: Messageblock 1: var message = "Welcome! The movements are simple. Just walk with the arrow keys!" Messageblock 2: var message = "There is...
  3. B

    Toggle Music On/Off

    Hello all, sorry for the long winded post, but I'm pretty lost and don't know how to summarize this any further. I want to make an option to toggle the music for the different levels On & Off. In adition to the main menu and options objects, I also made a level 1 music object to be able to...
  4. D

    GMS 2 Screen Tearing Issue Implomenting V-Sync

    Hey everyone, I've recently been working on implomenting an adjustable resolution system within my project including a full screen mode. I quickly noticed I was getting screen tearing, that only ocured when I was running my game in full screen mode. So after poking around the internate I...
  5. 2

    Possible? Turn on Pixel Color Interpolation for one Object Off, On for Another Same Frame

    Is it possible to turn on and off pixel color interpolation for a single object, or many but not all objects in the same frame? Things in the process of scaling or rotating look better with it on, but more blurry so that they look worse if they're not currently changing values in either of these...
  6. 2

    Legacy GM Old Collsions vs. Fast Collsions vs. Fast Collsions Compatibilty Mode

    In Gm Studio 1.4.1767 there's a "use fast collision system" option you can tick, but also a "use fast collision system compatibility mode." What does the compatibility mode do differently than the first one? Something more specific than makes it more compatible please. Also what sort of things...
  7. TheRBZ

    Legacy GM Run through optional var values

    I have a simple button object set up that controls buttons. Some are simple, just go to a room. Some are like options and need to run through a set of options (e.g. Start on normal, go to hard, then go to easy then to normal, and cycle). My current code is bulky and I'm sure there is a more...
  8. Gamerev147

    Legacy GM Graphics Menu With Saving?

    How could I make a graphics options menu similar to GTA? I would also need the settings to be saved to an INI file (obviously) and loaded back in as soon as the game starts. I've searched for quite a while for a tutorial on this but didn't find anything helpful. Anyone have any ideas or...
  9. ZeDuval

    Question - IDE HTML5 browser.exe choice?!

    Good evening! In GM1 was an option to change the browser, which would be used to test-run the project - I could not find it in the GM2 preferences. If I was just blind, pardon me. I guess now the Windows-set standard browser is used. I would really like that option back! One might use one...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Setting Game Options

    Hello everyone, great to meet you all. I have a question on setting options for my game, such as difficulty and starting level. I have two rooms, one for the main menu and the other for the options menu. Inside the options menu, I have a control object called option_select_obj, which...
  11. Zerb Games

    GMOM Engine: GameMaker Options Menu | 0.4

    GMOM: GameMaker Options Menu GM Version: GMS Target Platform: All, however hasn't been tested on anything but windows. Downloads: EXE Source Website: www.zerbgames.com What is it? Screenshots: Changelog: