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  1. E

    Development Taking a break...

    If you are working on a game, but it hits a point where you need a short break, but still need the practice. Is it okay to work on a random small game to rest or should you keep pushing through your main game?
  2. helpless_coder

    GMS 2 Most optimized way of defining planes that store coordinates?

    You're probably confused by the title, it's a bit tricky to explain. I'm drawing 3d squares at different distances, and I need a way to store all the information for each plane of the square. So essentially I want to store planes in an array. These planes are defined by four points, in addition...
  3. m0zzy

    Bit of advice/opinion on which design to go for..

    Im making a remake of the ZxSpectrum Classic ‘Trashman’ .. But i thought id make it a bit differant and make it ‘1bit’ as i like the look of 'minit' and other 1bit titles .. But now ive make it ‘black+white’, Im not so sure ... What do u think ..?? Cheers!
  4. F

    Opinion Thoughts on the sonic the hedgehog movie...

    Yeah the new one sega and Nintendo are working on, with real actors and cgi characters, should be interesting and I like the idea of a new sonic the hedgehog movie so how about you guys, what is your opinion?
  5. B

    Discussion Thing's that need to be addressed in GMS: 2 (Opinion)

    Hey guys, I've loved using Gamemaker for a fair few years now because it made developing for multiple platforms very very easy. But, there are some things that I feel really should be addressed when it comes to GMS. 1. Don't add things that aren't multi platform supported (EG...
  6. John Andrews

    Game Mechanics Pathfinding Platformer AI

    I've been developing a platformer game whose enemies have a function to follow the player finding paths through "complex" buildings and avoiding obstacles, using platforms and other things, the question I have is: Is it too much for AI to have pathfinding nature? Should I make my AI simplier or...
  7. John Andrews

    Opinion HeYYo! gimme some game ideas, what do you like in games?, I wanna make something...

    I am ready to do anything, but no ideas come to my mind! PLEASE, tell me what makes a game be FUNNY and Enjoyable, what would you like in a new gamE! :D
  8. T

    Opinion ARK Survival Evolved... A Case Study | Part 1 - the Control Design

    ARK Survival Evolved is actually one of the most poorly designed games I think I've ever seen. This is, of course, excluding the asset flip... That's a different story altogether. Looking at you, DigitalHomicide There are a lot of things wrong with ARK and most of it seems to come from a core...
  9. Misu

    Opinion GameJolt or itch.io

    After what happen with Steam, my teammates are having second thoughts of whether considering using Steam in the future or not. I preferly don't want to take the risk, specially when we are starting with no budget at all... So I need a backup. In between GameJolt and Itch.io, which of these have...
  10. K

    Graphics LED Display-Style button

    I need opinions on which of these you think would look best for a game with a mostly neon/vibrant-colour-on-black look. I know they're not too different, but small things can make a big difference. (also note that they aren't actually going to be a 1-1 size ratio in game, and will be enlarged.)
  11. K

    Design Number of Levels per Mode/Dungeon for Puzzle Games

    Does anyone have a good idea on how many levels a mode/dungeon in a puzzle game should consist of? 50 levels? 100? How may I gauge such a decision in the future?
  12. K

    Graphics Shadows or None?

    So, I was wondering should I add shadows to my game? How should I edit the current shadows that I have implemented? Any tips for casting shadows on an environment like this? The overworld will contain the shadows, not the dungeons. That would just be overboard in my opinion... I was trying to...
  13. Nocturne

    Discussion No Man's Sky

    Okay, so I've sunk about 40 hours into No Man's Sky so far... and... it's okay. I'd LOVE to say it's amazing, it's stunning, it's spectacular, etc, etc, etc... but I can't sadly. No I didn't buy into the hype train and think this was going to be the best game ever but I did have hopes for...
  14. K

    Designing a pokemon game

    Hello GMC!, After playing Pokemon Uranium and Insurgence, I started googling to see what others made and thought about how they would design their own pokemon game. After thinking alot, I wanted to design (not develop *yet*, as it woudn't be realistic to program as a lonely programmer xD). my...
  15. D

    Idea Some Q to help me develop .

    Hello , I'm a new user here on gmc , i did played with gms for a month and now i feel kinda ready to start and develop a game . But i have some questions for you , to see what others like cause i won't be the only person who will play the game :) The type of game : 2D hack and slash side...