1. G

    Alpha GMRogue

    I searched around online, but I couldn't find a tutorial or guide of how to make a real roguelike game in Gamemaker: Studio, except for scripts and stuff for procedural generation of maps. I don't know how to make a roguelike in GML, but I thought that I could learn - and teach others - by...
  2. Zerb Games

    (opensource) Zerb Games Level Edit!

    Zerb Games Level Edit! Hey guys, I know the title says opensource, but it's not yet because I need your guys input still. Basically I am making a level editor, and I want to make it the best, and easiest tool to use. My ultimate goal is to release it on my website for free, and the marketplace...
  3. OldNESJunkie

    Tank Wars

    Here's a link to the latest version of my project called Tank Wars. Basically a remake of the DOS classic Scorched Earth. Need some assistance if anyone has the time. Now using the Nailbuster GUI. The game runs in fullscreen 1024x768. Has been ported to Game Maker Studio 2. EXE...