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  1. Psycho-Male

    Free Kingdom Lost

    Hello everyone, we are group of two, working on our first project Kingdom Lost. It's a story driven RPG and we are trying to make it open world as much as possible. Combat is like a turn based combat with some button mashing which makes it fast paced after you decide your actions. Player is...
  2. T

     Open World (8bit-ish) RPG

    Hello everybody! I started making an RPG 5 days ago and I'd like to hear your thoughts. I've made many simple and short games in the past and I decided to start something a bit bigger, an open world RPG. Here are some screenshots:
  3. M

    Survival Open World

    Hello Guys, Question, im doing an open world game but my question is. How big can my room be without GM crashing? I have a map for now of 6000 x 4000. My player sprite size is 200x 200. I want to make a full city open world game. How can i make it run smoothly? For my game decoration that has...