1. Bukmand

    GMS 2.3+ WebSocket Node.JS Example

    Download A example of WebSocket and GameMaker that can run on any platform, you can start learning from that example and do your own MMO, keep in mind this is not the perfect example for MMOs. Features: Server-sided movement, collision and health, which means it's better for lag and hard...
  2. duran can

    GMS 2.3+ online game max_users

    In the examples, I always saw the maximum number of players as 32, can it be 500 or 1000? What is the problem with max_player ?
  3. K

    Asset - Extension Cloud services using Gamdato API(Online Leaderboards, Cloud saving, Achievements & more)(FREE)

    Download: DOWNLOAD FOR GMS2.3+ Gamedato offers a set of cloud services for game maker developers, this asset includes different scripts to send and recive data from an API. You can manage all the offered services using a friendly web portal. Create an account on and see all the...
  4. K12gamer

    Weaknesses teaching students with Online VIRTUAL Learning...

    I teach 1st grade students. Teaching in a classroom seemed far greater than Virtual Learning (due to the pandemic) Weaknesses with Online Learning (via ZOOM): 1) Parents with poor internet reception (or are using the cheapest Chromebooks imaginable) results in students freezing, muffled sound...
  5. Z

    Legacy GM Can't get GMnet Engine to work.

    Hey, i'm trying to add GMnet into an existing Game. I've read this manual ( and followed all steps. GMnet PUNCH is not enabled. I'm able to create a server with port 6510. everything is fine untill i try to connect with a client. both instances get an...
  6. zendraw

    Android Android online play

    Can game maker 2 connect people on theyr phones? in the sense, i have a warrior on my phone, someone else has a warrior on his phone, we connect and battle each other?
  7. Alec Armstrong

    Windows Online Scoreboards

    Hi - does anyone know of any online high scoreboard services for people that create games using GameMaker? In the past I used GM Scoreboard, but it looks like this service is no longer being maintained. Thank you for any comments!
  8. Binsk

    Asset - Scripts UBG API [online scoreboards / save data]

    NOTE: [Updated March 2021] This system will be getting a complete overhaul down the road. Howdy! How would you like to have some online high-score boards for free? This project is currently a heavy WIP and only a small subset of many planned features are implemented so far. If you have ideas /...
  9. Alex

    Windows Detritus WIP [BETA, Turn-Based Online MP]

    For the past month or so I have been working on a turn-based platformer with a destructible terrain, much like the original Worms (1995). I wanted to create a small game which had online multiplayer capabilities, a game that does not require an account to play online. I originally had the idea...
  10. Dagoba

    instance_deactivate in Online game

    Hello there, I am just wondering about disabling objects outside of views. This works well within a single player game, but what if there's an online game with object that uses surfaces and a lot of Step & Draw events, so the performance could get slow unless it's deactivated outside of room...
  11. Alpha29

    Windows Online Levels System

    Hello, I just made a level editor for my game, and I will like to make that you can send a level in my server and other player can download it and play it (the server that I use is 000webhost) Can someone please help me how to make something like that? Thanks.
  12. Bukmand

    Asset - Project MMO Engine

    Test the project: Features: Keyboard press networking send, instead of every frame. Server sided moving enemy. Global chat. Player vs player Coordinations are updated every while if any problem happens. Smart double login protection...
  13. Lakko

    GMS 2 Game maker server

    Hi, Is this still live and compatible with GMS2? Has anyone recently tried it? Thanks
  14. S

    Windows Online scoreboard

    Does anyone know of an online scoreboard system that supports multiple scoreboards for different levels for the one game? I have also been looking for one that also enables importing scores back into game maker.
  15. Bukmand

    Asset - Demo [TCP] Simple Online Voice Chat

    Voice chat between 2 clients or more. Tested on Windows 10 How to use: Create server. Press enter to choose your microphone. Press C to connect to your server. Hold space to voice chat. Download:
  16. P

    Portfolio - General Android online games

    Hi all! I'm Pedro, from Brazil, and I wish to develop Android online games, because I have a bit of experience, and a GMS2 for Android license, with a Firebase online database plugin (from Kaguva). I'm looking for basically creating simple and inovative game ideas (e.g., another kind of puzzle...
  17. MrDave

    Steam UNDERCREWED: 1-4 player online cooperative spaceship commanding game.

    In Undercrewed you and your friends control the same spaceship by running around and activating parts. It can be played local and online 1 to 4 players. Work together to build a ship that can get through the many ordeals you will experience. You are the last 4 survivors on your...
  18. Munguía

    Windows Jesucula

    Are you afraid of sacrilege? Are you afraid of God? Are you afraid of having fun with Jesucula? You can download an .exe or play at HTML5 browser
  19. MilesThatch

    Distribution Online co-op without networking?

    Good day, everyone. So steam just dropped something interesting and I wanted to talk about the possibilities this could open up. Especially if other distribution platforms follow suit. This could potentially save tons of labor but for now, if this works, this would lock you to steam platform...