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    [AUTOSOLVED] Problem with online scoreboard

    Im trying to implement it with GM Scoreboard but something is going wrong. I have this scoreboard: And im using this code to get it to a ds_map: var gmsb_map = json_decode(r_str); var gmsb_status = ds_map_find_value(gmsb_map , "status"); var current_key = ds_map_find_first(gmsb_map); var size...
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    Android Re Tap - Reaction based single tap game

    Squareworx Studio presents: Re Tap "Re Tap" is a modernized minimalism arcade game that focuses on the gamer's reflexes and quick decision making skills. Anyone from all ages would be able to play this game with no effort at all, but only the skilled will be able to place their name in the...
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    Android ixi -invaderesque arcade shooter

    Squareworx Studio presents: ixi >>Download here<< "ixi" is a classic arcade style game, with inspiration taken from space invaders. The aim of the game is to defend your line by shooting down invader style enemies before they cross it. Rack up combo scores and try to get the highest score of...
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    Android Run Ball - My new simple game

    This is my new game on play store -made with GameMaker- enjoy it ;) Play now and enjoy with Run Ball for FREE! Run away from the red balls and earn coins to get high scores and share it with your facebook friends! How to...
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    GMC Jam GMCity Carnage

    GMCity Carnage Featuring online highscores! After bots overran Gamemaker City, President Playtech placed it under quarantine They had to remove the bot threat once and for all. One platoon of bots survived, and began advancing on the new GMUtopia. The deceased moderating team from the old...