1. yashamatt

    GMS 2.3+ oneway platforms that are also slopes

    So I have been fiddling with this for a while now, trying to adapt my spaghetti code to allow oneway platforms that are also slopes. I am quite new to coding in general but I do have slopes and oneway platforms working properly in my side-scrolling platformer, however, my oneway platforms that...
  2. yashamatt

    GMS 2 [Solved] One Way platforms sometimes work and sometimes don't

    I have basic movement and collision with solids set up, but when I try to set up my one-way platforms I will only be able to interact with whatever one-way platforms that have a lower y-axis than the obj_player when the room is created. If I decrease the spawn y-axis of the obj_player then load...
  3. Dividious

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]: One Way Platforms

    So after changing to a FSM to solve some other issues and getting rid of the Shaun Spalding Platform Code and replacing it. My horizontal and vertical moving platforms work, however i can't figure out how to do a One Way "passthru/jumpthru/fallthru" type platform. Currently my player object has...
  4. J

    Legacy GM Jump from above?

    How do I program it like that -> if the player jumps from above onto an object -> it deletes itself (the object)? And how can I program it like that: if the player jumps from left or right, the player himself deletes himself? (I know and already have the jump code, I just need the other thingies)
  5. P

    GMS 2 Weird problem with one way platforms

    I'm trying to make one way platforms, where the code looks like this: if (instance_exists(o_player)) { if (round(o_player.bbox_bottom) > y) or (o_input.key_down) mask_index = -1; else mask_index = 0; } For some reaon this doesn't work and I get pretty weird collisions where player can...
  6. K

    How Would I Make A One Way Platform

    Well I'm Using Game maker: Studio version 1.4 And For The Past Month I Have Been Trying To Add One Way Platforms to my game.<----MY GAME DEMO And I just Gave Up,SO How Would I go About Doing That? Thank You
  7. Dharmatrooper

    Tile based collision platformer improvements

    Hello, newb here. Is there any tutorials how to implement ladders, moving and one-way platforms for tile based collision check platformers? Also can't clearly understand how to correctly implement tile based collisions check for characters that bigger than the tile.
  8. IE Entertainment

    Falling Through One-Way Platforms

    So, I was learning how to code a one-way platform where the player can jump up onto a platform from a position of standing directly under it. Think smash brothers. I found one of Shaun Spawldings tutorials and followed it but I am having one problem. While the player can jump through the...