one button

  1. woodsmoke

    Windows Flex Armstrong

    !! Play as an iron-pumping hyper-hero !! Flex Armstrong has mastered of the ancient art of bodybuilding. Follow him on his legendary path to heroism. Flex his muscles to deflect danger. DOWNLOAD Flex Armstrong [9MB]
  2. M

    Legacy GM Simple Infinite Platform Runner (1 Button Game)

    GM Version: GM Studio Target Platform: ALL Download: (see code examples below) Links: NA So, I decided to made a quick infinite platform runner (like if flappy bird was called jumpy square) and it was so easy I thought I'd post it here. How it works: The player is stationary in the room and...
  3. T

    Free Tera-Turbine, a one button arcade thing

    Howdy everyone, here's one of the creations I'm the most proud of: Tera-Turbine. It's a tiny little frantic arcade game that only requires one button to be played. Get the best score in 30 seconds and prove to the internet that you're the strongest and most beautiful human being in the world...