1. I

    GML [SOLVED]Variable changes back to old value

    I have score variable(well the variable is actually named scr) which i want to add one point to itself when another variable(called fallen) is equal to true. The problem is that when the variable goes back to being false my score variable also goes back to its old value (aka zero). Why is that...
  2. J

    Uploading Gamemaker 8 .exe to marketplace?

    Hi Im a returning user and Ive managed to archive my old games from the yoyogames sandbox. I cant find an answer if its possible to upload my old games made with Gamemaker 8 pro. Any answers would be appreciated, Ive put alot of time into these games!
  3. S

    Old code help

    Hi, i'm new to gms2, and i was looking for a tutorial on text boxes that i could use with the d&d system instead of solid coding. After some extensive searching i found this: http://leafo.net/gwtemp/tutorials/404/ I put it all into my game as instructed but there's an error for everyone one of...
  4. H

    i want something to appear only at the only first gamestart

    yes my title says it. how can i let something be, but only at the first gamestart ever. Thanks (:
  5. T

    I have a bunch of Old Game Maker Games

    Long ago when I was a young teen I built Game Maker games. Eventually it upgraded to something like Game Maker 8. Was quite similar to the previous version. I saved my games on a CD. Fast forward roughly a decade and now Game Maker is completely foreign. I have all my old games, but they aren't...
  6. Sabnock

    Coders from the 80's

    We are looking for any bedroom code warriors from the 1980's / 90's who played around on any of the old classic machines like the spectrum, C64, BBC, Amiga etc who have now come to GMS to realise their long lost but never forgotten ambitions. We have formed a small group of like minded wanna...