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old school

  1. LittleAngel

    Windows Abha "Light on the Path"

    (made with Game Maker Studio 1.4) Experience a fantasy world and go on an initiation quest full of twists and turns. Find items, solve puzzles, and experience environments brimming with poetry. Abha « Light on the Path » is an old-school point-and-click adventure game. Experience a fantasy...
  2. M

    Android / Amazon Fire Hard Life pixel art beat em up game

    I made this with game maker long time ago.Currently i am working a new game based these graphics with a story.Game style similar mighty final fight and double dragon games.I am using game maker 1.4 version. Store description: It is a cute beat 'em up game with pixelated style, which will turn...
  3. Smiechu

     Old-school racing (WIP)

    Hehe! Yeah, I know it's nothing special, but I've wanted to prove myself a little bit, learn new things, get out of the box, have fun, take a break from my main project. I've managed to establish an old-school style racing engine with random - procedural generated tracks :D Car behavior...
  4. newtinn

    Windows Froghosts | Trailer + Release | Old Style Shooter

    Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/xrxwXn7 Welcome to the Froghosts page! Froghosts is a old style shooter where you are set as a frog like character trying to escape a house you got stuck in. To get out of the house you need to destroy spawners making enemies and defeat bosses to get out...
  5. nacho_chicken

    Demo Eysir: Return of the Dungeon Emperor (80's style CRPG) [+Devlog]

    EDIT: This topic is for a previous version of the game. For the current version, please visit https://nacho-chicken.itch.io/eysir-1-eotf or wait for the upcoming forum topic about it. What is Eysir: Return of the Dungeon Emperor? It is a CRPG (Computer Role-Playing Game) in the style of...
  6. K

    Windows Hiko Labyrinth:My First Game!

    Download I made this game last year, 2016, but only now I shared the game here in the Game Maker Community. It's a Very Old School Game, Based on the arcade games of the 80's, Here you take control of Hiko, a genetically modified animal, that together with his partner Niko, control Hiko's...
  7. bhr

    Windows [UPDATE-12-04-19] Magic Tomb - 3D dungeon crawler with grid base and big pixels

    Hello! I'm working on an simple old-school grid-based dungeon crawler with 3D first person view and 2D sprites. Actually, you have a little level to play, with only one class of character - Knight. Character details : STRenght - DEXterity - MAGic - LeVeL - EXPerience 1 weapon (with DAMage) -...
  8. Xitilon

    Steam Castle of no Escape 2 - free promo keys!

    Hi, everyone! We've released the full version of our game on Steam and would like to share some keys for those who dare to try it! 6HBPY-0HV66-A4MZX L3HCM-6PJ7V-90Q7L JB0D7-6T7F4-QTIM6 http://store.steampowered.com/app/542350/ Of course if you decide the game's worth its price (it's also...
  9. J

    Steam DefCom Prototype Pulsar needs you in greenlight (originally Pulsar)

    I released my game in steam greenlight. Please consider to give me a comment. if it's not good tell me what should i change or advises for my next project. Be honest, i really need to learn and that's the best way i know. Soon it will be available for android. It originally was named pulsar...