1. Let's Clone

    Question - IDE Trouble with Offline Use

    Sorry if this has been addressed, but I cannot seem to find the solution. I am incapable of running GMS2 in offline mode, yet I have seen that I should have access to this ability for 30 days at a time. I created a ticket with customer support, providing them with my ui.log file, but I have...
  2. Cameron

    Legacy GM SOLVED:Documentation Offline

    Hi guys, I noticed today, for now at least, the online documentation is currently not available and it got me to wondering some things. 1) How long will the documentation be available online for and are there any plans to discontinue the online documentation now that GMS1.x has seen its sunset...
  3. P

    Windows GMS 2 Offline

    Today i lost internet connection for a while(using my phone atm), went on to use GMS 2, it opened up for me like usual and then for every action i did it froze for 10-20 seconds when it usually does everything in an instant. So i restarted it and the same happened, so i went on and logged off to...
  4. R

    Discussion I can't log in into Gamemaker 2. It doesn't detect my internet connection

    Hi all!! Until now, I was using GM2 without any problem. I was away for about 3 weeks, so when I came back, it asked me to install an update v2.1.4.288. Previously I was at v2.1.3.273. I'm running the standalone IDE, not through Steam. It apparently installed correctly, but when I started GM2...
  5. JesterOC

    Android [SOLVED] Can't compile while offline since update...

    So after ignoring the recent update for a while, I decided to go ahead and update... Now whenever the internet isn't connected I get this error compiling android.. What I've tried: - Downloading new build tools and using those version numbers (24.0.3 and 26.0.0) in android GGS I don't know...
  6. S

    Discussion No Offline?

    I tried to start up GMS 2 today after upgrading, and couldn't even get it started. I've got a spotty internet connection, and logged in for the first time yesterday. Anyone know if there's something I can do to fix this? I do a lot of my work offline, and this could really suck as a long term issue
  7. S

    Windows Offline Licence Verification GameMaker

    Greetings Game Devs and Mods, Does anyone know where to find the Offline Licence Verification file for GameMaker? It used to be here: ...but that link is dead >(