1. JaimitoEs

    Portfolio - Programming [James | SoloStudioTech] Programmer for hiring or team collaborations.

    FOR COLLABORATIONS: Hi! My name is James and I am the founder of the SoloStudio Tech website and the DarkSpine tool for video game editing. I offer to collaborate as a programmer in your project. If you are an illustrator and you already have the concepts to make a video game, but you need a...
  2. RobertRamsay

    Job Offer - Programmer [$25/hr] SHADER PROGRAMMER Required

    Hi there, I am a freelance technical artist developing some cool tools using gamemaker and some of their features would benefit from shaders, so, my being technical but not so into programming shaders and more into the art side of things, I am looking for someone who can develope shaders I...
  3. Coded Games

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for artist to make high resolution/vector art.

    Hello, I'm looking for artists to create high resolution/vector artwork for cards in a deck building game. The art style of the game already has been fairly established; mainly black and white, with occasional bright highlights (usually red), simple shapes and thick borders. Here is an album...
  4. B

    Job Offer - Programmer (High Budget) Seeking experienced programmer to continue a project

    This game is a top-down rogue-like rpg and we are a team of two artists who are very passionate about this game, so far this has mainly been programmed on online multiplayer which is almost finished. The previous programmer couldn't put in the necessary time for this project anymore hence why we...