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  1. Greenhawk

    Discussion GMC Hobbyist Thread

    GMC Hobbyists So I know everyone here is pretty talented when it comes to developing rad awesome games, programming scripts and etc. But what about i other creative aspects. What do you guys like to do outside of game development? I'm not talking about work/school, that's practically...
  2. HW.

    mobile portrait orientation vs landscape on laptop/desktop with wider screen

    I used to open this forum on a smartphone and it is so pleasant to the eye. Now, i am typing "this text" on my laptop with wider screen. On my Android smartphone (portrait orientation, 6-inch screen, Chrome) , I love to read those TL-DR posts from anyone (if it is interesting topic). but on...
  3. TWSICommunity

    What kinds of movies do you guys like.

    Movies I like are well The fox and the hound 1 & 2, balto, 101 dalmatians and possibly Alpha and omega movies. But those are just my favorite things in a off topic :)
  4. johnwo

    What now?

    I've been quiet on this forum for a while... My girlfriend encouraged me not to participate, but since this is beyond what I've normally been doing, and I feel that the community need to know. I love you guys, no matter what..! Me (I'm 26) and my girlfriend (24) are over 20 weeks on the way...