1. Athena's Owl

    GMS 2.3+ Creating objects stored inside of a ds_grid into a large room

    Is there a way to create objects into a room that are stored inside of a ds_grid? Instance_create_layer or depth doesn't like when I try and place a something other than a direct object and gives me an error. I can draw my ds_grid when I have sprites stored in the draw event, but I imagine when...
  2. jobjorgos

    GMS 2.3+ How to simply add/remove objects in a room in GM2.3?

    Very simple question, how to simply add/remove/move objects in a room in GM2.3? I cant click any objects, I cant remove anything, and I cant add anything. I have read the room manual but I couldnot find the answer there.
  3. K

    Objects Not Showing Up

    Hi, I have no past in coding and programming, and i wanted to try gamemaker because friends told me it is an easy software, but i have a problem. when i place an object in any room, i just can't see it... what should i do? (the visible checkbox is ticked) here is a video showing my problem ...
  4. E

    Question - Code Instance Create Layer and Possible ID passing issue.

    BACKSTORY: The issue I believe is with my ID, I’m working on an RTS style game, where my spawner lets say a space station spawns units every 3 seconds of a player object “spaceship”. The battlefield has units running around randomly and when they spot a player spaceship and they attack it. I...
  5. Warspite2

    GML Only certain objects can be clicked in views

    So I have 2 seperate views with one being a main view and the other a mini map. I only want gui buttons clickable on the main view and not the mini map. As it is now, buttons can be clicked on in any view and I don't want that. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? This is in an old project...
  6. D

    Best practice for state-based game design?

    Working on a strategy game. Right now, what I've got is only nominally state-based. There's an "initializing state" that lasts a few frames at most upon startup, and then you're thrown right into a gameplay demo (just able to move units around really). Obviously I'm gonna want menus to select...
  7. flyinian

    Is there any difference between 1 object with all global variables vs. many objects with a few global variables each?

    Pretty much what the title says. 1 object with 1000 global variables initialized on game start VS. 100 objects with 10 global variables initialized on game start. Any difference?
  8. W

    SOLVED GameMaker Studio 2 Black Screen on Launching Game

    Hello good night everyone, I'm having trouble running any project I create on GameMakerStudio2. It always worked normally, until yesterday when I went to open a project that I'm working on and during the process I went to run the room, but the new object that I had added to the project didn't...
  9. descrubb

    GMS 2 IDE - use object variable definitions to "link" editor object instances together?

    So, I decided I wanted to be able to create a sort of "map" that isn't a straight grid. One location might link to tens of other locations. I couldn't think of a way to accomplish this except for creating singular points and then manually linking them together. I have an object keeping track of...
  10. P

    Object IDs

    Hello, Basically I want to make a system in my game where when I press spacebar a cone in front of player appears and if some object is in front of the player and the cone touches it, it will be collected into inventory (and dissapears from the room). If I simplify what I mean by object lest say...
  11. Axl Trauts

    SOLVED Collision on tiled objects?

    Hi I have a flammable set of objects (children of parent par_flammable) that when they collide with an ignitier (i.e. a fire object) they start to burn and set a fire variable to 1. I also have a check that when a "fire = 1" flammable object collides with a "fire = 0" flammable object, it turns...
  12. D

    SOLVED Trouble creating instances of node/tile objects via create code of another object

    I'm using GM2, following a tutorial that was made for GM1. I've run into a few little differences already, but I'm stumped on what's going on here. I've got 2 objects right now. The first is a node object that acts as the tiles that comprise the game map. The nodes aren't placed themselves...
  13. flyinian

    SOLVED What causes an object to change it's depth?

    I have two objects that are in a room together. These objects are persistent and the room is an initialization room. in the initialization room: object1 is depth of 0; object2 is depth of 100; on room change, object1 changes it's depth. in room 1: object1 has a depth of 200 object2 has a...
  14. D

    How to use shaders to make parts of an object transparent based upon contact with another object?

    I am trying to make a game in GameMaker 2 where objects become transparent depending on the object behind them. I currently have it so I am just checking each step (within the object to become transparent) whether in contact with the background object and then setting alpha to 0.5 if true. Here...
  15. FrostyCat

    Asset - Scripts Extended Collision Functions

    Extended Collision Functions Companion scripts for built-in collision functions Overview Extended Collision Functions are enhanced versions of built-in collision functions. You can now easily check for collisions with multiple unrelated objects/instances at a time, and optionally pass in a...
  16. flyinian

    (SOLVED)Looking for ideas, suggestions and so forth on how I should manage my persistent code.

    In my current project I have to keep track of numerous changing numbers. i.e cash, statistics, etc. I am currently planning on placing all of this code in a single object and making it persistent. Would this be a good idea? What do you recommend? Thanks.
  17. flyinian

    I need clarification on placeing objects in a room.

    Correct me if I am wrong: If I have an object and I place it into a room, that object in the room becomes an instance of said object. That instance will be at the x and y position that I placed it at in the room. All is fine, however it is recommended to code your x and y positions within that...
  18. M

    Windows A question about arrays

    Hello. Excuse my english grammar I'm not a native speaker. I'm new to programming gml and I hope to learn more about this subject. I'm currently working on a collision system that's easy to use. I made a script in the resources tab containing an array of objects my player should be able to...
  19. SirCaliber

    GML [SOLVED] Objects will start with a random hsp variable, but only when created by a certain object.

    I have an object, oCorpse, that creates a random amount of oLoot objects when it is created. In those oLoot objects' create event, they get a random hsp and vsp variable. But the hsp only works if it was created by oCorpse, not by oChest. (oChest) On Collision with oBolt: with(other){...
  20. SendTheGravy

    Coding help

    I'm SUPER new to game maker and just need a bit of help with some coding. Let's say I have two Objects, Object A and Object B. I want to make it so when I interact with Object A, Object B's sprite changes. How would I go about doing this? Help is much appreciated :)